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Are You Prepared for Obsidian Trips?!?

Obsidians exist to enjoy the outdoors, together, safely. Remember: our trips are a shared responsibility. When you decide to go on an activity with the Obsidians, your enjoyment and safety, as well as the enjoyment and safety of the entire group are of utmost importance.

Obsidians have a wide range of trip difficulties, from a casual Bus tour, to hiking, to technical mountaineering. Be prepared for whatever type of trip you join. Our activity leaders are volunteer facilitators and not professional guides. Participants are responsible for their own safety, equipment, comfort and fitness.

Being Prepared:

Consider whether you are Prepared... for Hydration? For Cold? For Rain? For Sun? For Emergencies?
What are the Ten Essentials? What are safe, trail practices for our groups?

We are flexible with short in-town hikes, but larger adventures require more safety consideration from participants. Please understand these guidelines:

Pay extra attention the 'Equipment Needed' in each trip's signup page, which lists extras beyond the normal 'essentials'. Consult the trip leader if you have questions.

Are You Able to Complete the Trip?

You are encouraged to call the leader if you have questions about your abilities for a trip, or require more information on it.

The Obsidians welcome all to improve their trail fitness with us. Our activities support a variety of skill and fitness levels.

For beginners: Pay extra attention to the trail distance (miles) and elevation gain (feet).   A trip rated 'Easy' does not mean it is easy:

About the Obsidian Safety Committee:

Our Safety committee works behind the scenes to support the club. This includes: Obsidian Members can find additional Safety committee documents in the Members Area.

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