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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, December, 1937 Number 2



Make a date with the Obsidians for their Annual New Year’s Party at the Belknap Hotel, Friday, December 31. The program starts at 8:00 P. M. with dancing in the main hall of the Belknap Hotel. At ten P. M., Master of Ceremonies, Roland Burghardt, takes over by leading off with the Obsidian National Anthem to be followed by as many songs as the assemblage can stand. When vocal cords have collapsed into a state of hoarseness. Obsidian Princesses will present their dramatic abilities in the form of a skit, the nature of which has not been divulged.

Next, the annual Liar’s Contest, with a five minute limit on all participants (this is protection for spectators). The Fibber’s Event will be climaxed by a cataclysmic, colossal, super-extra dance special by one of the most popular Chiefs. After this episode, the crowd will again take over the art of truckin’, Big Applein’, and Schottishin’ — at twelve the Little Fellow will be welcomed in with a blowin’ of horns, bustin’ of balloons, and tossing of confettii. From then on the crowd is on their own.

Reservations for rooms or cabins must be made direct with Mr. Frank Bigelow at Belknap Springs and payment for same should be made to him. Register at Hendershott’s not later than December 27th. Specify whether or not you wish to stay over Sunday. Also purchase your meal tickets at Hendershott’s. Prices follow: Hotel accommodations rooms (2 in each room) $2.00; Cabins (4 to 6 in each) 50c per person.

Entertainment and midnight

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By Ray Sims

Forty-two were at the second meeting, which showed the interest taken, and a Board of Directors, consisting of nine, were elected. Dean Bovard was elected President, and monthly meetings of the Board were ordered.

The organization formed was called The Eugene Outdoor Club, and as winter was upon us already, “that outdoor” sport of SKIING was undertaken. The first event was a three-day New Year’s party at McKenzie Hotel, McKenzie Bridge. Skiing “without” harness or poles was the only kind known, and a grand and successful outing was put on under the direction of Ed Turnbull.

Trips were taken every two weeks throughout the rest of the year until the first week in August, when the first Summer Camp was held at a beautiful spot on the Sky Line Trail, five miles south of Frog Camp. The camp being named Obsidian Camp, from the jet black Obsidian on the ground.

Most of the eighteen members of the first camp, had climbed the Husband and Middle Sister and seven had climbed the North, but it was on the trip to the South Sister that idea of changing the name of the club came to Henry Korn, as the party of six stumbled over so much more jet black Obsidian than where the camp was located.

The name Obsidian seemed an ideal change from Outdoor Club to the other members of camp, so it was to be presented to the club at the first Annual meeting.

But this “first” camp in the Three Sister region had done “something” to Lane County.

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Club Purpose: to explore, enjoy and render accessible the mountain regions of Oregon; to publish authentic information concerning them; to make excursions into the trailed and untrailed portions of the Pacific Coast to bring the people of the cities into the open and to the free enjoyment of natural wonders of the state; to enlist the support and co-operation of the people and the government in preserving the forests, wild life and natural features of the mountains, the State and National parks; to educate the people in the matters of geology, plant life and kindred subjects and in the matters of conservation and forest fire prevention; to co-operate in the enforcement of all State and National fish, game, and forest laws.


Sunday, December 5, was just another dark and very foggy day for most Eugeneans, but for those of the Obsidians who went up on top, it was one of warmth and brilliant sunshine.

After spending the night at the Obsidian cabin, twelve started up the trail for Sunshine Shelter early Sunday morning. Lunch was eaten at Scott camp, followed by skiing-plenty! and sunbathing, stretched full length, as

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