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Vol. 1 No. 3 WINTER OUTING EDITION March 19, 1937

"The time of our lives!" exclaimed Dr. C. D. Donahue, who returned Tuesday from the winter outing at the Champion mine, in the Bohemia district. The snow-lovers are in a position really to indulge their passion for snow-in 15 to 20 feet!

The skiing is plus ultra, the mine buildings are snug and warm, the food good - what more could you ask. Giant icicles and snow drifts, long, steep hills, enchanting, "different" scenery and perfect isolation in the heart of these wild mountains makes the site ideal.

Winter Outing, the first ever held by the Obsidians, started Saturday, the 13th; they will return the 21st. All reports show great enthusiam, and this trip will undoubtedly be a high point of the winter schedule hereafter.


With this one thought in mind, a committee authorized by the Obsidian Board and composed of J. D. Hamlin, Ace Moore, Toney Vogel, Bryan Ryan, and Dr. C. D. Donahue started action by securing Mayor Elisha Large to head a city-wide move to effect the opening. Every service club, every outdoor group, every civic organization in Eugene is lining up behind the move. All are enthusiastic, and with the entire city back of the opening, we are sure it can be had.

The Bend Skyliners have promised aid from their side of the mountains. Obsidian members can help by thinking, talking and writing about an open highway to the greatest winter sports area in the state, with miles of open country at the base of three 10,000 foot peaks. Were else can this be had?

With the leadership of the Mayor and the help of the rest of the city, the Obsidians have started a move that will go far and mean much.

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