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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, September, 1938 No. 7



A special Junior membership in the club has been created. By unanimous action at a special meeting of the membership held at the River Road community club house on Saturday evening, October 29, it was voted to admit as Junior members all young people under 18 years of age who would like to take part in the various actibities of the club.

The cost to Junior members has been held as low as possible so that this should not exclude any. $1.00 is to accompany application for membership and this will cover dues until October. Dues will then be $1.00 per year. Provision is made for Junior members to be transferred to full reach the age of 18 and complete active membership when they the qualifying trips.

This new membership classification should prove very popular and furnish good new material for the club and increase our membership with desirable young people. Attracted to membership through skiing activities, they will become interested in hiking and mountaineering. Also those who start through hiking and mountain climbing may join our ski classes and teams.

Being entitled through our membership in the Pacific Northwest Ski Association to enter members in junior as well as senior competition, this will give us members for both; and plans are already under way to help instruct these young people in the “art and science” of skiing.

New application blanks will soon be ready and any active member may sign up these young people for Junior membership.


With autumn already here, and the south side of Deer Butte a mass of red and yellow coloring, the time has come to order plenty of snow for this winter’s skiing.

The Local Walks committee of six, met at Mrs. Charlotte Lemon’s home on the evening of Oct. 19, and ground out the new winter schedule. Many good ideas were brought out by the new committee and with the aid of past local walks trip reports, an accurate schedule was drawn.

First on the new schedule is a work trip to Camp Sunshine. This trip should have been well attended, as wood will be needed in that high country on the week-end ski trips this winter.

For, with the shelter at Camp Sunshine made into a cabin, with bunks, the Forest Service have started what should prove the thing that will lead to some of that excellent skiing in the high altitudes in early morning and late evening.

For the next week-end a trip to the Cliffs, near Thurston, the leader, Betty McMahan, led this same trip back in ’29. And the next trip, Luckey Boy mine and Gold hill, has been scouted by the leaders, Beth Gullion and Blanche Osborn, and is a good trip, with excellent views.

But for the men who like to swing an axe, about this time of year, we recommend work trips on both week-ends, the 30th and November 6th to the Hand Lake area. The Ski Laufers with the help of a few Obsidians, have done a good job already this year, but the clearing out in that area,

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Follow the trail to the open air,
Alone with the hills and sky,
A pack on your back but never a care,
Letting the days slip by.

Healing fragrance of pines in the dark,
Glow of the camper's fire,
Starlight and shadow and music of streams,
While the grey smoke curls higher.

Follow the trail to the open air,
Letting the days slip by;
A smile on your lips, a song in your heart,
One with the hills and sky!



Nineteen members on the trail trip to Indian Ridge October 9th, led by Louis Waldorf and Robert Lemon. Although the Ridge was not scaled, a good trail was followed from French Pete past Hidden Lake to Hardy Creek, where lunch was eaten.

All about “mushrooms” was Miss Ruth Hopson’s interesting theme for the day. Many specimens were discovered, (and dug up), and also many large blue huckleberries were found. Hikers returned to the log crossing at French Petes before sundown.


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