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Volume III. Eugene, Oregon, December, 1938 No. 2


Belknap Springs Hotel will supply the setting for the Obsidian New Year’s festivities, Saturday, December 31 and January 1. United efforts of Social, Local Walks, and Ski Committees are now making preparations for a gala party.

A program of entertainment will start at 9 P. M. in the Hotel lobby. Short skits and stunts will be presented by Chiefs and Princesses, and the Annual Liars Contest will be a feature of the evening with Roland Burghardt defending his Horsefeather trophy against this year’s aspirants.

Master of Ceremonies, Tom Kaarhus, will lead all funsters in song, as well as swinging those tricky Norwegian steps. Excellent music for shag and waltz will be supplied until 12, when a blaring of horns and a tangle of confetti and balloons will herald in another New Year.

Midnight lunch will climax festivities. We’ll see you there!


Now is the time to plan for that glorious week of Skiing—and dear Obsidians and Friends by that, we mean the 1939 Winter Outing at Mazama Lodge starting February 5th. Everyone attending last year’s perfect outing will tell you that a better time could not be found, and skiing?—well—it’s tops.

A regular program for the day of skiing and for the evening around the big fireplace has been worked out by the outing committee.

The ski bowl will be the main attraction if comments of last year’s group is any Indication—but don’t forget the Alpine trail and that wonderful ski ground above the Timberline Hotel—and too, that Timberline Hotel itself.

The cost of the outing is even lower than last year’s low rates, $12.00 for members or $13.00 for non-members, for the entire week. Your transportation may be arranged by yourself. Tony Vogel will be the instructor and Tony is right on Brad Adams heels. Have you seen Tony ski this year? And he can teach too.

An advantage of having the outing early in February, will give those taking advantage of it, all the better skiing the rest of the winter. The instruction at

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The schedule of rates for the Two-Day New Year’s Party has been given to the local walks committee as follows:

Rates are per person.

Hotel Rooms $2.50 for the 2 nights

Meals $3.50 for the 2 days Anyone coming only for New Year’s Dinner, $1.25 Other meals at the rate of 50c except Monday dinner which will be 75e.

Cabin Rates are: 75c and $1.00 per night. No bedding is furnished and sleeping bags are necessary.

Why not make a ticket to the Party a gift for your friend?

Obsidian Contest Pictures

The winning pictures of the 1938 Obsidian Contest are on display at the Eugene Register-Guard window. This contest is open each year to all members and it is hoped that more will enter pictures at the annual meeting again next year.

Olga Mortenson won the grand prize with her picture of a girl skier in the archway of the huge archway of the huge door at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Hotel. Other contest winners are: Louis Waldorf, Mertie Hamlin, Ray Sims, Nellie Moore and Ruth Hopson.

Greenery Trip

The always welcome chance to get mistletoe, Oregon grape and other Christmas greens will be offered Sunday, December 18th.

Helen Kilpatrick announces the trip will be at 11:30 A. M. and in the vicinity of Eugene.

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