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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, January, 1988 No. 8



By Ray Sims

The “search” committee is still one of the important phases of the Obsidian Club, but to the first few years of the clubs existence, it stood out as the most important.

After the fruitless search for the lost boys in the Three Sisters region, the Club was called upon to assist in the search for a girl lost in the Siuslaw Forest, where several hundred combed the wooded hills until she was found.

Again leaders of the Club played an important part in the search for the boy that was shot in a hunting party in the Lake Creek country. And again in the five day search for the three climbers from Portland who lost their lives on Mt. Jefferson on Labor Day, 1933.

A number of times also, Chief Horsefeathers has been aroused from his sleep, of late Sunday night, when someone has reported someone to be lost, so the search committee would make ready, then luckily, the lost parties would turn up Monday morning.

An incident in the 1927 search in the Three Sister region for the two lost University boys to determine which mountain they might have been lost on, shows the daring that men will go in such circumstances. Nels Skjershea and N. J. Wulsiberg climbed the South Sister in a mountain storm, braving the snow and sleet and camping out in the rain and sleet one night, to bring word that they had not reached the South Sister summit.

With this word, E. A. Britton joined them to climb the Middle Sister in the same kind of weather, where they found the boys

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The Obsidian and Ski Laufer winter outing for 1938 will be held at the Mazama lodge on Mt. Hood. One whole week the winter sports enthusiasts will play in the snow, from February 13th to 20th.

The committee reports, they have engaged the services of an instructor, Brad Adams, who has been holding classes in skiing at Mt. Hood this season. He will work the entire week and this outing will give the people who

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Highlights of Board Meeting

The monthly Obsidian board meeting was held at the home of Paul Lafferty, president, January 12th.

Reports from the various committees were read and discussed. Bryan Ryan, social and entertainment chairman, turned in his resignation for the ensuing year. A successor to the job was not named.

Tony Vogel reported on plans being formulated for the coming Winter Outing. Mrs. Lafferty served refreshments and the meeting adjourned.

—Picture by Ray Sims.

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