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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, March, 1938 No. 4


By Ray Sims

Beginning the second year of the Club, members saw many new parts of the country and the Obsidian Cabins were worked upon many weekends by the members.

The first two weeks in August, 1939, was the date of the second annual Summer Camp. Honoring our first President, Camp Bovard was established on Hinton Creek, on the West side, near the base of the South Sister.

Again the outing was under the direction of Ed Turnbull and proved to be an annual outing, as forty-two were in camp for the full period.

Dean David Faville of the University of Oregon composed the Obsidian song while in this two weeks camp and Honey Lake came into prominence.

The mystery of the two lost boys was cleared up at the end of two years, when on Labor Day 1929, their bodies were found in the mountain pass between the Middle and South Sisters, by a packhorse party led by Harry Hayes. The find, clearly proved that they had frozen to death.

As the club grew to over the hundred mark, many new mountains were climbed and the third Summer Camp was held in the Mt. Jefferson region.

The campsite was on Marion Lake and Mt. Jefferson was first scouted and then climbed by most of the thirty-four campers. Mt. Jefferson, two hundred feet taller than the Three Sisters Mountains, is not climbed nearly as much, owing to the long pack in to the base.

In 1931, Green Lakes was the popular campsite for the two

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Sunday, March 27 The last ski trip (on the schedule) and the snow looks right for WHITEBRANCH, although the trip does say Lucky Boy. Ray and Harold say, UP THE McKENZIE this week.

Sunday, April 3 BUNCHGRASS RIDGE — A new country to most of us. Leaders, Doris Osborn and Ray Sims.

Sunday, April 10 SILVER CREEK FALLS — A real pretty spring trip. Leaders, Dorr Hamlin and Vera Heidenreich.

Sunday, April 17 UMPQUA RIVER — Leader, Tony Vogel and Ruth Carlson.

Sunday, April 24 GATE CREEK — Leaders, Paul Wiser and Myrtie Hamlin.


Not old rags, bottles, or shoes


Some smashing ideas for some honest-to-goodness hikes that the club will brag about to their grandchildren when they get too old for LOCAL WALKS.

Some snappy ideas that will make these Ski-Laufers and all others stack their skiies in the corner.

Sing out about that favorite spot, that shady lane, the highest peak, that place which invites you back when the days drag and your thoughts drift away.

So rally ’round, all you gals and guys, jot down your ideas and give them to HAROLD TROTTER or any member of the local walks committee.

Barvarian Skiers Program

One of the Worlds outstanding Collegiate Ski teams presented a very interesting program the evening of March 22, at Villard Hall. The Barvarian Skiers, on tour of the United States, have engaged in ski competition with all of the outstanding American and Canadian schools in the East, and won all of the competition, with exception of Dartmouth.

One of their members, Ulli Beuter, won the down-hill race at Sun Valley, bettering the time of Richard Durrance, who also competed in that event. During their brief stay at Mt. Hood they opened the eyes of all ski enthusiasts to the amazing ease and effortless control of their technique.

Their program was opened by the singing of several Barvarian ski songs, music was provided by one of their own members, who was an accomplished accordian player. A unique feature of the program was the presentation of a native Barvarian dance, in costume, Schulplattling. Highlight of the dance is the rhythmic slapping of the thighs, hands, knees and heels, and the stamping of the heavy boots, in perfect time to the music.

Franz Machler, the teams ace slalom runner, and Sigfried List, presented an excellent yodelling duet.

The Ski pictures showing various phases of the 1936 Olympic games, and skiing at Garmisch Parten Kierchen, were very good, and the pictures showing ski tours with Hannes Schneider, were even better. The program was concluded by the informal questionnaire conducted by Fritz Diemer, at which time, members of the audience asked many questions pertinent to skiing, receiving very courteous response.

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