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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, April, 1938 No. 5


It’s time to make our plans for our vacation again, and those who have been interested in Obsidian affairs are no doubt wondering where we are going this year.

The outing committee is considering that place we have all been wishing to go to for some time. Plans are not definite as yet; there are many problems to work out. They refer to a spot concealed in a remote corner of the great northwest—one of the last strongholds of nature, a little kingdom in the wilderness that seems fresh from the Creator’s hand, so untouched it is by the great spoilers. A priceless solitude of magnificent wilderness and beauty. They have in mind the Olympic mountains in Washington.

Several outdoor clubs have had their summer outings in this same location. Negotiations are under way and if the cost can be kept down within reason, the outing will be held there.

They are expecting some motion pictures that were taken by the Seattle Mountaineers while on their outing in this region, and if they are as good as has been reported, should give a pretty good idea of what this gorgeous country is like.

It has been said that the weather during July is much better than in August, our usual date for the outing, so if this location is decided upon it may be advisable to have our vacation a little earlier.

Keep in mind the showing of these pictures and when the date has been set, be sure to bring a friend and invite as many as you can. In a city the size of Eugene there should be 50 or 60 people who want to take advantage of

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The sharpness
Of sun on pine.

The rhythm
Of heavy hob-nailed boots
Swinging forward.

The warmth,
The stillness;
The patches of old snow
In the shadows.

The feeling
Of being high
—and free
—and far.....

Princess Red Feather.

Publicity Plans

Arrangements have been made for publication of occasional pictures taken on trips in local newspapers. If some of your snaps are really good, with plenty of contrast, take them to Robert Lemon at 229 Miner Building early on Tuesday. They might appear in Wednesday’s paper.


May 1—Bring your May baskets (with lunch) and trail along with the gang up Horse Creek Trail. Vint and Mary Gilespie will lead.

May 8—Black Butte is listed—with Percy Brown and Hugh Currin leading.

May 15—Winberry Mt., Darwin Yoran and Harriett Plotts, leaders.

May 22—Duval Falls—Blanche Osborn and Marge Ferguson, leaders.

May 29-30—Annual trip to the coast. Ace Moore and Ray Sims, leaders.


By Paul Lafferty

Put up your skis, poles, and waxes where the summer’s sun won’t get them; and break out your nailed boots, crampons, and overhaul hiking and climbing gear. The Obsidian’s activities never cease, and what ties in any better for both the beginner and the more advanced skier, to continue his conditioning, build up endurance, legs, and all around physical ability, than by an active program of hiking and climbing through the summer and fall months. These outdoor activities are very closely correlated, and participation in one, definitely benefits better performance in the other. A constant level of outdoor activity is much better, and easier on the physical system, than a sudden, single over-dose at any one time of the year.

In anticipation of a banner hiking and climbing season, the local walks committee is busy at this time, planning an interesting variety of week-end trips to Forest haunts, and primitive solitudes, that the average citizen of this busy world seldom has the opportunity to visit. These weekly scheduled trips, are especially designed for people of average hiking ability. You do not have to be a veteran of the trails to be eligible for the local week-end hikes. Leaders are carefully selected, pace is set for maximum enjoyment of all members of the party, and all club members and their friends, are encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunity presented in these jolly weekly outings.

The Board of Directors has recently devised a new idea, that has particular bearing on the summer and fall climbing program. A climbing committee

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