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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, July, 1938 No. 7


The camp equipment has been checked over and everything is in readiness for the big outing.

The registration is gradually increasing and by the time the closing date for registering arrives July 10th, there should be close to the required thirty or thirty-five. The list includes many of our new members, and a few of the good “standbys” who seldom miss the best things of the club, and several out of towners. Whoever they are or wherever they are from, they will find in store for them one of the most delightful vacations or outings ever presented by the organization.

Mr. Voorhees has been engaged to pack the equipment and food in to Low Divide, fifteen miles from the end of the road, which distance will be covered in two days of slow, easy hiking, by the foot party. This trail will delight the heart of any lover of the out-of-doors. Base camp at Low Divide, while being fifteen miles from the smell of gasoline and the noise of every day traffic, will be in touch with outside by telephone.

A list of the food needed for the camp has been prepared and what a list it is, there seems to be enough to supply a young city for a month. So it appears as though the good “Obsidian Custom” of lots of food well cooked will be an event three times a day, all during the outing.

Those who go should try to take as much of their personal equipment as possible with them in their car, as they will need it the first night, which will be at the end of the road. Have your mail

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Mr. Britton reports a fine trip to Red Butte, in cooperation with the Forest Officials of Douglas County, for the 17th. Mr. Britton and Carmel Newland are the leaders, so let’s all turn out and show their Roseburg friends who the Obsidians are. Leave Eugene at 7 a. m. and meet at the Courthouse in Roseburg at 8:45.



July 17th—Summer Camp—But for those at home, Red Butte, the Roseburg trip “Brit” and “Carmel” have prepared for us.

July 24th—Go in by way of Frog Camp and come down Linton Creek to Linton Lake. A qualifying trip with many beautiful

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(Register-Guard photo, Wiltshire Eng.)

Here is a. scene of the jagged North Sister taken from the new Sky-Line Trail, North of Cinder Cone. The North will be climbed August 28.

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