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Volume II. Eugene, Oregon, September, 1938 No. 7


The annual business meeting of the Obsidians, Inc. will be held on October 4, at the River Road Community Club House, at 6:30 P. M.

A chicken dinner will be served at 6:30 P. M. by the ladies of the River Road Community Club at the price of 50c. It is important that reservations be sent to Harriett Plotts, 2483 Columbia St., Eugene, Ore., before October 1st.

The election of Directors will take place at this meeting, and the nominating committee has nominated the eighteen members for this coming year's Board.

Two constitutional amendments will also be submitted for the approval of the club.

All members are urged to be present at this meeting as there are several more issues of importance to be discussed. Dues will be payable at this time.

Blanche Osborn is in charge of the picture contest. Any member may submit a picture and we urge
you to dig out your favorites and enter them!

Following are the candidates nominated by the nominating committee to be voted upon at the Annual Meeting

Paul Lafferty, Tony Vogel, Bailey Castelloe, Harold Trotter, Bryan Ryan, Bob Lemon, Hugh Currin, Vincent Gillespie, Louis Waldorf, Roland Burghardt, Tom Kaarhus, Joe Heidenreich, Thelma Watson, Harriett Plotts, Blanche Osborn, Minnie McCracken, Ruth Carlson, Eileen Baker.

The following constitutional amendment will be submitted for the approval of the Club:

1. To amend Section 2 of Article III to read: Any person of good character, eighteen years of age or over, who is in sympathy with the objects of the Club, and who qualifies as hereafter stated is eligible for membership. (Sec.

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Oct. 2—Sunset Bay. Leader Charlotte Lemon. Asst. Miriam Yoder.

Oct. 9—Indian Ridge. Up the South Fork of the McKenzie. Leader: Cliff Stalsberg; Asst. Harold Trotter.

Oct. 16 — Boat Trip. From Scottsburg to Reedsport. Leader Bob Lemon; Asst. Louis Waldorf.

The Obsidian Bulletin Board is at Hendershott’s Gun Store, 770 Willamette Street. Anyone interested in these trips is welcome to join all trips and parties. Detailed information may be obtained by calling Local Walks Chairman, Harold Trotter, at Hendershott’s, 151, or 2417-W.

There is a small Local Walks fee of 10c on all trips to cover incidental expenses, and the Club furnishes coffee or tea when advisable.


Photographers will have a chance to show their best snaps of the year at the annual picture contest this coming October 4th, at our annual meeting. Announcement is made by Blanche Osborn that the various classifications will be similar to previous contests.

It is hoped that some of the moving-pictures taken by the members can be shown at this time also.

Leave your pictures with Blanche Osborn at Tillman’s, 858 Pearl St., or Eileen Baker at the Public Market.

Watch the local papers for more complete details.


Chief Big-Wind has been laid up for the past few days. We hope for a quick recovery.

Western Federation of Outdoor Clubs Annual Meet

By Paul Lafferty

The 1938 annual meeting of the Western Federation of Outdoor clubs was held Sept. 3, 4, and 5, at the Mazama Lodge, Government Camp, Mt. Hood, Oregon. The Portland Mazama Club entertained delegates and members at large from the twenty-four clubs of Oregon, Washington, California, and Montana, that are all affiliated with the Western Federation. The Obsidian Club was represented by Elizabeth Gullion, Don Woods, and the writer. Total number of delegates and club members attending the convention was approximately one hundred and fifty.

Weather was very poor for climbing or hiking. One party of climbers started out from the lodge at two o’clock the morning of the 4th, and had to turn back at Crater Rock; all showed the chilling effects of the storm and adverse weather conditions that were encountered on the mountain. Upon their return to the lodge, they all made a bee-line for the big fire place, and stood shivering around the fire for quite a time.

A party of about twenty made an interesting trip the 5th, over on the east side of the mountain, exploring the crevasses of Elliot glacier. The weather was still very unsettled, and they experienced all types of weather conditions on that trip.

Business part of the convention was mainly taken up with discussion of the newly created Olympic National Park; all of the clubs from Washington furnishing details and particulars of the Walgren Bill creating the new National Park.

The Forest Service was very well represented at the Convention by Mr. Brundage, Assistant

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