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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, December, 1939-January, 1940 Number 8

Belknap CCC Camp Selected for New Year’s Party By Roland Burghardt

We’re expecting a big crowd this year at the New Year’s Eve party. The Obsidians are fortunate in securing the use of the spacious quarters of the Belknap CCC Camp, a short distance above McKenzie Bridge. We’ll really “go to town” and can dance our shoes off as the floor space will be much larger than we’ve had in the past.

We are planning a real party—the best yet. We’ll swing, sing and have a time all will remember. There will be games, skits, stunts, and the LIAR’S contest, and a competition between Yodelers and Hog Callers. (Better get in front of a mirror and practice.)

The committee is making arrangements so there will be plenty of favors, such as hats, horns, streamers, decorations, confetti, and noise makers (mechanical).

Things will be made to move lively all evening, and when the zero hour of midnight arrives, we’ll all gather ’round to drink a toast and sing “Auld Lang Syne” as the old year rolls out and the new rolls in. Then we will have the midnight lunch, and that’s some affair in itself. We’ll keep the party going as long as the crowd wants.

Next day, we will have a grand breakfast after which we will trip off to the snow for some skiing. Remember our turkey feed of the past? We’ll have another awaiting our return from skiing, and that’s when it tastes its best.

The price for the entire week-end will be $3, and for the turkey dinner only, $1.50.


All skiers eagerly await the first good snow-fall which will permit the active opening of the long over-due 1940 ski season. Dedication of the new chair lift at Timberline, Mt. Hood, and the Arnold Lunn races, have been postponed from Nov. 19, to Nov. 26, and as the weather still fails to cooperate, until Dec. 10. While the prolonged delay in the snow fall deters early enjoyment in participation of the sport, still the continued mild weather has afforded the forestry service and commercial operators to improve facilities for the better enjoyment of the winter ski season when it finally does come.

The Willamette national forest has cooperated in the improvement of skiing areas accessible to every community of the Willamette valley bordering on its confines. Major development has been in the Hoodoo Butte area. Adequate shelter facilities have been erected, and additional ski runs have been cleared. The forest service has constructed a shelter and established sanitary facilities in the Hand Lake area, and has provided equipment for the Obsidians, Ski Laufers, and Ski Patrol to do considerable additional clearing in the Hand Lake area, thus enabling the opportunity for a far greater number of skiers of all classes to enjoy the sport of that favorite locality.

Ed Thurston plans to operate a ski tow at both Hoodoo Butte,

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10—Ski trip ............ Sunshine Shelter

13—Board meeting ...... 1243 High St.

14—Dancing ........ 817 Willamette St.

17—Christmas greenery trip.

25—Merry Christmas .... Everywhere

31—New Year’s Eve Party ...... Belknap CCC Camp


1—New Year’s Party ......Belknap CCC Camp

7—Ski trip.

11—Dancing ........ 817 Willamette St.

10—Board meeting ...........To be announced

14—Ski trip To be announced

17—Dancing ........ 817 Willamette St.

21—Ski trip ............ To be announced

28—Ski trip ............ To be announced


When friends meet at the Hand Lake Ski Area soon (we hope) they will find a new three sided shelter with an open fireplace which the Forest Service constructed this fall.

Through combined efforts of the Willamette Ski Patrol, Ski Laufers and Obsidians, five work trips were held at the Hand Lake Ski Area during October and November.

A good turn out of hard working boys (not forgetting the good looking girls who made coffee) accomplished a great deal of work under the supervision of Forest Ranger Ray Ingalls. The planning done by Mr. Ingalls and the excellent tools he furnished made every minute count. The boys who did the work will testify to the pleasure it is to use a sharp axe that will really cut instead of one

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