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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, January, 1939 No. 3


The Obsidian club is helping our junior ski team, which wants to go to the Oregon Junior Champion Ski Meet, in Bend. Expenses for the trip are to be raised by a benefit dance, put on by the club at the W. O. W. Hall, Thursday evening, January 26th, and the price of admission is to be 40c.

So Let’s All Dance! It’s good for young and old. Be it a Paul Jones, Waltz, Shag, or maybe a Schottische. Bill McCracken as chairman—with a helpful committee—and a 6-piece orchestra—promise to show you a SWELL time.

Of interest to those attending Winter Outing:

Everyone who goes above Lone Fir Ranger Station is now required by the Forest Service to register at the Timberline Hotel and check in when they come back.—Manama Bulletin.


The Obsidian emblem has gone under quite a change of late but our Board of Directors have kept with the idea of the Three Sisters, the ice axe and the ski pole, weaving them into a very good looking emblem.

These modern arm decorations are to take the place of the hardy jet black Obsidian arrows that have withstood the storms of eleven winters and the hot summer’s sun of as many summers. The emblem is to be worn on the left arm and each member can get his or hers at Hendershott’s or from our new Secretary, Minnie McCracken. Let’s have that new emblem by Winter Outing.


Anyone having the name of a prospective member to whom he wishes a bulletin sent please give such name to Vincent Gillespie, membership chairman.


“Mazama Lodge”, and that wonderful Mt. Hood skiing terrain. That is in store for the Obsidians’ week of skiing beginning February 5th.

Everything from the minute you arrive until you just HAVE to come home, has been planned by the committee. And you can just be yourself at these glorious Obsidian outings. You can even wash dishes all in fun—if you want to.

With each full day of skiing, lessons and all, don’t forget the lighted Mazama hill for night skiing, which is just as thrilling as it sounds.

Organized trips to the slopes above Timberline Hotel, The Alpine Trail, the Ski Bowl, where there is a ski tow in operation, to Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain, and to Multipor. The new Glade Trail from Timberline is said to be more thrilling than the Alpine, so thrills aplenty are in store.

The cost of the outing is low and includes an experienced instructor, so register at Hendershott’s as soon as possible, February 2nd is the closing date. Help the committee make this another grand outing.

Get-Acquainted Potluck

In honor of our new members and junior members a party is being planned for Tuesday, January 31st, at the W. O. W. Hall at 6:30. It is to be a potluck dinner, followed by a skit and two reels of very interesting movies.

These pictures were sent to us from the New York-Swiss Railway Company and show ski calisthenics and ski schools in Switzerland. The Mazamas have shown these pictures and others taken by this company and re-

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—Photo by Ray Sites, Wiltshire Engraving.
Mazama Lodge with the beautiful Mt. Hood in background.

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