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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, March-April, 1939 No. 4

Successful Winter Outing Is Held Big Turnout At Mazama Lodge February 5 Tony Vogel

Forty Eight Obsidians and friends and a number of Mazamas, skied and skied, for one whole week in powder-dry snow. This was one outing at which there could be no complaining about the snow. Any wax was good wax, and it was always fast!

Those who went up Sunday found the Lodge well filled with Mazama week-enders, and soon everyone was well acquainted. When the dinner was over a few who couldn’t wait were out on the hill in back of the Lodge, making use of the lights that were installed this year. This was one of the most popular places for after-dinner skiing throughout the outing.

The beginners were on hand every morning to practice their stem turns on the slower slopes while the more expert went to Timberline and rode the Trails,

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The Club extends a hearty welcome to these, our new members. We hope to see them hiking with us, as well as skiing.

Obsidians: Marg. Schnellbacher, June Porterfield, Miner Hamlin, Roy Elliott, Jean Taylor, Fred Panky, Rex Stocker.

Junior Obsidians: Joe Jackson, John Skillern, Phil Campbell, Coulter Mitchell, Leslie Brockelbank, Polly Gordon, Ruth Virginia Bond, Ed Young, Forrest Morgan, Bill Tugman, Jr., Colver Waller, Walter Gilbert.


The February Princess meeting was held at the home of Beth Gullion with 14 present. Blanche Osborn made a report on the resolution drawn at the November meeting for club rooms. The evening was spent in looking at interesting books on Mountain Climbing, Birds, Skiing, Flowers, etc. Later refreshments were served with Valentine colors being carried out. Charlotte Lemon invited the club to meet at her home for the March meeting.

The March Princess meeting was held at the home of Charlotte Lemon with Thelma Watson assisting with 17 present. Helen Kilpatrick reported on the Wildlife Conference and Youth Hostel Movement after which a short discussion followed and it was voted to ask the Obsidian Board to take memberships in these two organizations.

Margaret Norton asked for suggestions for the entertainment of the Obsidians. A potluck supper with the Princesses in charge of the program was voted for March 30th. Slips were passed around for suggestion for Local Walks Committee, after which Mrs. W. M. Kidwell showed movies taken on their recent trip to Europe. Later refreshments in St. Patrick colors were served and the rest of the evening was spent in visiting.

Nellie Moore and Miriam Yoder are to be our hostesses in April, at the home of the former.


A Potluck Dinner is to be held at the W.O.W. Hall, Thursday evening, March 30th, at 6:15.

Movies, Dancing and a rousing game of “Indications” are in promise.


The Local Walks Committee met and made up a new Schedule from April 2nd to July 16th.

The first trip although still a ski trip will enable the ski addicts to see some expert skiing at Mt. Hood, as the Olympic tryouts are to be held April 1st and 2nd.

April 1-2—Trip to Mt Hood to attend Olympic tryouts. Leader, Bryan Ryan; Ass’t., Percy Brown.

April 9—Easter Sunday

April 16—Ski trip to Bohemia mines. Leader, Bill McCracken; Ass’t., Norman Lee.

April 22-23—Coast trip. Devils Punch Bowl and points north. Leader, Mariam Yoder; Ass’t., Adeline Adams.

April 29-30—Ski trip to Hoodoo Butte. Leader, Glen Sims; Ass’t., Al Hoffman.


Obsidian Winter Outing Junior, a little one that came after the big one—was held at Mazama Lodge the week of March 12-19. These attending the first part of the week, Eileen Baker, Jean Taylor, Fred Pankey, Norman Holt, and Ray Houghton enjoyed perfect winter snow conditions. The general rain Wednesday was the shift from winter to spring snow conditions. The last four days of the outing were warm and clear. Marge Schnellbacher, Bryan Ryan, and Miner Hamlin got sunburned with the aid of Skol (not a plug for the product) and Bryan succeeded in furnishing business for the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol.

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