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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, May-June, 1939 Number 5


Attention Junior Members—to miss this trip you have missed one of the wonder and beauty spots of Oregon. It is a comparatively short trip and one that entails a grand hike over a well-built trail in and around, and even back of eleven beautiful falls. If you want proof of the grandeur of the Falls, stop and see some of Myrtie Hamlin’s pictures.

The trip is scheduled for the weekend of May 28th. Elizabeth Gullion is leader with Margaret DeCou as assistant.


On April 30th a party of four Obsidians reached the summit of the Middle Sister 2½ hours after leaving Sunshine Shelter.

It was one of the easiest and most beautiful climbs ever made. Easy, because the condition of the snow was perfect for climbing on skis equipped with climbers and the weather was ideal—for ccmfort—a bright, warm, (not hot) sun all day. And beautiful because the atmosphere was so clear, not a bit of haze, and one could see new beauty from the top of this 10,000 foot peak that is hidden by the usual haze and smoke of summer.

This was the first climb of this 1939 season—not the earliest climb ever made on the Middle Sister, as reported in one of our local papers. The trip from the north ridge to Sunshine required about 25 minutes, made in easy stages and not hurrying. Those in the party were Paul Lafferty, (leader), Byran Ryan, Wallace (Killer) Clark and Tony Vogel.


On June 25th Minnie McCracken and Mary Gillespie will lead us up to Gold Hill lookout. This trip is being held at the time of the year when this region is at its best. Indian Paint Brush, Squaw Grass, Heather, Phlox, Blue Gentian and the Huckleberry bushes will be in bloom. The return trip can be made by the way of Camp Lucky Boy. This is very interesting because, in years past, a great deal of mining has been done here and many of the old buildings are still standing. This is a very beautiful trip and one of its good features is the cold spring water found at the top of the peak. Don’t miss this hike!


Again this year there is to be a joint trip of the hiking clubs of Oregon, sponsored by the Chemeketans of Salem.

Table Rock, north-east of Salem is to be the objective on July 16th. Last year over 100 were on the joint trip to Mary’s Peak. Let’s all turn out and see what these “Chemmy Cats” have in store for us.


Ward’s Peak near Cottage Grove is our objective on June 18th. Florence Sims is leading and tells us it is about thirty miles from Eugene. This is a look-out peak and is in a region we seldom visit, so here’s your chance to see new country close to home. Jean Taylor, a new member, is co-leader.


The South Sister is to be the objective of Bill McCracken’s tenderfoot climb this year and is to be the weekend of July 9th. It was first announced as another Middle Sister climb, but Bill has ideas of a much better trip and climb of The South Sister.

To reach the South sister, one must drive to Bend and go in to the mountain on the Century drive. Two ascents are possible, one is to hike into Green Lakes and climb from the East side, but probably an easier way, is to drive near the Rock Mesa, past Devils Lake and climb from the south.

Anyway watch Bill’s Announcements.


This year’s “Fourth of July” trip is to be taken July 1st and 2nd to East and Paulina lakes in Newberry Crater.

This trip, as taken in 1937, makes an Ideal weekend vacation with fishing, swimming, exploring and just loafing. No one will forget the Lava Foam, or the Lava cast Forest visited.

To reach the Crater, one drives to Bend and then forty miles south on The Dalles-California highway to the Newberry Crater sign, and then about ten miles to the Lakes.

Louis Waldorf and Dorr Hamlin are to be the leaders, so we will wait and see if they can saw a slab from a lava rock.

Your club dues are still payable to Thelma Watson, Washburne’s. Let’s all wear our Obsidian Emblems, Thelma will be glad to give you one for 35c.

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