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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, July-August, 1939 Number 6

Jefferson Park Summer Camp, August 6th to 13th

The twelfth annual summer camp is progressing rapidly and all is in readiness for the week of August 6th to 13th in that real vacationland, Jefferson Park.

The packer has decided to pack the dunnage into the park from Breitenbush Mineral Springs, so that is the only change from the original plans. So all of those going into camp for the week or even part of the week, should have this dunnage at Breitenbush Springs Sunday morning, Aug. 6th instead of Breitenbush Lake, where the cars will be left.

Besides the usual camp life of strolls in the beautiful park, baseball games, horseshoe pitching, swims in the lake, there probably will be a climb of the mountain on Tuesday, August 8th and another on either Saturday or Sunday, August 12th or 13th, though probably it will be Saturday.

The list at Hendershott’s is growing daily, so every one going should sign up as soon as possible, so the committee can make final plans. This is a wonderland of beautiful mountain flowers, and Jefferson is a big mountain, so take your camera and bring back some real memories.

—See You at Camp—

New Members

We are pleased to welcome four new “Active” members to the club. Alvin Lynch and Jean Randolph, Obsidians; Don Sipe and Gordon Gullion, Junior Obsidians.

Three of these new members were with us in our recent climb of the South Sister.


Roman Nose, in the Coast District, is scheduled with Sterling Behnke and Bob Swennes as leaders. The drive will follow new Route F, turning off at Mapleton, continuing to Sweet Creek and Sunset Mountain. After leaving the cars, a good trail follows a scenic ridge to the summit and look-out of Roman Nose.

An added attraction to this trip will be a “Captain Kidd” Treasure Hunt which promises adventure and fun.

—See You at Camp—


The week-end of August 27 is going to be a busy one for the mountain climbers of the Obsidian Club, as these two trips are limited to experienced climbers and the members must be passed by the climbing committee.

Ray Sims will lead the North Sister for his 14th time and will be assisted by another regular Obsidian on the climb. Ray can tell you some tall tales of a few years back on some of those 13 climbs of this jagged old mountain.

And Mt. Washington is another where “care” rather than “speed” is the word. This climb will be handled by the competent leadership of Tony Vogel and Bryan Ryan, and even with the most careful party, Mt. Washington still rates one of the sportiest climbs in the Cascade range. This climb should be limited to 12.

Cars will be driven to Big Lake for Washington and Frog Camp for the North Sister.


The annual Federation meeting is to be held at Clair Tappaan Lodge, September 2-3-4, 1939, with the Sierra Club as host.

Special trips will be incorporated with this schedule to permit inspection of Winter Sports Facilities, a Rock and Mountain Climbing Seminar, and Nature Lore Studies which will be crystallized in Round Table meetings Sunday.

Any member of the club who is interested in attending this meeting should contact our President, Louis Waldorf and send in their registration.

—See You at Camp—

Castle Rock Trip

For those members and non-members unable to be in Summer Camp the week-end of August 6th, the local walks committee has scheduled a climb of Castle Rock. Jean Taylor will lead with Miriam Yoder assisting. The trip is taken up the South Fork road to the East Fork Ranger Station. The party will return by way of the King Road. A swim at Belknap Hot Springs may also be planned.

—See You at Camp—

Hike and Swim

Keep July 30th open for a trip to the Jasper Hill vicinity and a return to Shady Nook for a swim. Leaders will be Myrtie Hamlin and Margaret Sprague.

—See You at Camp—

Helpful Hints

Watch for helpful hints and suggestions for equipment to make your week at Summer Camp more enjoyable, in Washburne’s windows, soon.

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