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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, September-October, 1939 Number 7

Annual Meeting At Anchorage Tuesday, October 3

The annual business meeting of the Obsidians Inc., will be held on Tuesday, October 3, at The ANCHORAGE, instead of the River Road Community House as previously announced.

A fried chicken dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m., price 65c. It is necessary that reservations be made by all those planning to attend by October 2nd. Make reservations by calling Florence Sims, phone 3051-W.

The program of the evening will include:

1. Election of Directors for the 1940 Board. A list of eighteen members has been selected by the nominating committee as follows:

Margaret Thompson, Margaret Norton, Blanche Osborn, Helen Smith, Miriam Yoder, Marian Hayes. Hugh Currin, V. J. Gillespie, O. R. Gullion, Joe Heidenreich, Dorr Hamlin, Norman Lee, Henry Norton, Harold Trotter, Don Umphreys, J. W. McCracken, Bob Wilson and Paul Wiser.

A choice of six men and three women will be made by vote of the members from this list. Only those who have paid their dues for the coming year will be eligible to vote at this time. Secretary, Minnie McCracken will accept payment of dues before the business meeting comes to order. All members are urged to be present at this meeting, as there are several more issues of importance to be discussed.

1. The annual Picture Contest, with Elizabeth Gullion in charge. This will be a featured part of

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Heeding the call of the forest service to come up to Hand Lake and use their axes and saws, sixteen Obsidians and five Ski Laufers spent a day of clearing two long ski runs for the first work trip of the 1939 season Sunday, September 17.

Ray Ingals was the “boss” in charge and many a tree will be missing when the snow piles up at Hand Lake this winter.

The forest service is also building a shelter at the foot of one of the runs and is just starting to make this a real ski area for Eugene and vicinity. Let’s all help when we can.

Those on Sunday’s trip: Louis Waldorf, Percy Brown, Dorr Hamlin, Stella Nee, Mr. and Mrs. McKee, Harold Trotter, Bob Swenes, Wallace Clark, Bryan Ryan, Walter Gilbert, Bill Parrish, Ray Sims, Bill Peltier, Leo Paschelke, Ray Ingalls, Guy Wright, Dr. Chas. Donahue, Thelmer Nelson and Norwald Nelson.

Fishes, Falls, Fascinate Few

A small party had a good trip up into the North Umpqua country Sunday, September 10. Present were: Harold Trotter, Bill Parrish, Tony Vogel, and they were met in Roseburg by Carmel Newland and her parents. They drove up the North Umpqua and stopped first at Little River. This river was mentioned in Ripley’s Believe It or Not because these two rivers meet head on. Next

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The Annual Meeting with its picture contest is now all too close at hand-Tuesday, October 3rd, at “The Anchorage.”

Those who are not prepared, better delve into their negative files and make or have made enlargements of their better prints. The more pictures the more fun!

This year again there will be two main classifications: Pictures taken of Official Club Trips and those taken of Non-Club Trips. The sub-classifications under the two divisions will be:

A—Mountain Landscapes: e.g. Trees, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, etc.

B—Human Interest: e.g. People at camp, on climbs, hikes or ski trips.

C—Skiing : e.g. Snow pictures rather than the skiers technical skill.

A classification has not been made for mountain wild flowers in competition, but it is hoped that there will be several exhibits in this line.

Only members of the Obsidian club are eligible to compete. Pictures should not be smaller than 5x7 and light colored mounts are recommended.

Colored pictures may be shown for exhibition purposes only. On the back of each picture must be written three things:

The class in which the picture is entered.

The title of the picture.

Competitors name.

There will be two prizes in each

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Chiefs’ Initiation At Obsidian Cabin October 7-8

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