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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, October-November, 1940 Number 13


The annual business meeting of the Obsidians, Inc. will be held Tuesday, October 1, at the Anchorage.

The meeting will start with dinner at 6:30, reservations for which should be made by calling Margaret Norton, 3539, or Doris Sims, 1924-J, not later than noon, September 30.

At this meeting the main business of the club is transacted. All board members present reports of their year’s work, and a new board of directors is elected. From the following list of 18 members, 6 men and 3 women are to be chosen:

Sterling Behnke, H. P. Currin, Vincent Gillespie, Dr. Omer Gullion, J. D. Hamlin, Norman Lee, Alvin Lynch, Robert Swennes, Harold Trotter, Robert Wilson, Paul Wiser, Darwin Yoran.

Adeline Adams, Eileen Baker, Nellie Moore, Blanche Osborn, Jean Randolph, Helen Smith.

Only paid up member are eligible to vote. Dues will be payable to the secretary, Blanche Osborn.

Following the business meeting movies and slides taken by club members during the year will be shown.

An important feature of the evening will be the picture contest, details of which are to be found elsewhere in this issue.

Price of the dinner is 75 cents.

Louis Waldorf has returned to Eugene from a trip to Nebraska, where he visited his father, who has been very ill. He reports that his father’s condition is now much improved.


Open to all members of the Obsidian club except commercial or professional photographers. Any number of pictures may be entered.


1. Only pictures taken on Obsidian trips, at the lodge and on winter and summer outings between October 1, 1939, and September 30, 1940, may be entered.

2. All entries must be delivered to one of the three members of the committee by noon of September 30, 1940. The members are: Miriam Yoder, U. of O. library, or 1243 High street; Thelma Watson, Russell’s, or 1312 Mill street; Helen K. Kilpatrick, U. of O. Ext. Div., or 1889 Orchard street.

3. Pictures must be prepared as follows: All entries must be enlargements, 5x7 or larger, matt finish, or tinted and unframed, with matt mounting.

Size of original film, approxi-

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Two New Members Added To Princesses’ Ranks

Ann Brenner, Princess Wren, and Adeline Adams, Princess White Heron, are the new 1940 members of the Obsidian Princesses club, The girls were initiated amid great secrecy in a woodland setting near the home of Ethel Glaze, near Walterville, the night of September 24. Customary rites and festivities of the order were invoked to make the girls feel welcome into the club.

Party at Cabin October 5

The social committee is announcing a party for Saturday, October 5, preceding the work trip on Sunday. Dr. O. R. Gullion is general chairman. Chester Pietka will play.


Members of the 1940 Wallowa Mountains Summer Camp met together again in the Del Rey Cafe Friday, September 13.

Following the dinner, at which Harold Trotter presided as master of ceremonies, Guilford Hollingsworth and Wayne Bailey showed colored slides of scenes taken in summer camp, and Glen Sims and Ed Johnson showed moving pictures of life and scenery in the Wallowas.

Hanging at one end of the room was an oil painting made by Cy Fulton while at camp.

Members informally showed many pictures taken during the two weeks’ outing.

Crutchleys Hosts to Obsidians

The Obsidians held their weekly dance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Crutchley, east of Hendricks Park, Thursday, September 19.

The fun began with a potluck weiner roast, and continued with dancing in the hostel adjoining the Crutchley home. Mrs. Crutchley furnished delicious pie and hot chocolate.

Miriam Yoder spent a few days at Paradise Park on Mt. Rainier.

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