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Volume IV Eugene, Oregon, December, 1940 No. 1

Obsidians to Hie to Cabins For New Year’s Frivolities By BOB WILSON

Hear ye! Hear ye! All you Obsidians and your friends—that grand and glorious occasion is almost upon us—to wit: the annual New Year’s party. December 31 and January 1 is the date; the new lodge location at Camp Belknap is the place. A traditional feature will be the liar’s contest; there will be dancing, midnight lunch, a grand New Year’s Day turkey dinner. Music for dancing will be played by Chester Pietka, accordionist, and Verne Sellin, violinist. There will be fox trots for those who want ’em, and plenty of schottisches, polkas, waltzes, Virginia reel, et cetera. Sure, you can trip the light (?) fantastic in ski boots.

You’ll Be Hungry

All are advised to practice on the technique of the schottische and the waltz, for there will be a contest on each. There’ll be plenty of noise-makers and confetti to properly mark the entrance of the babe 1941. And the midnight lunch—just the thing to top off the evening—you’ll need nourishment after those dances, for Scandinavian jive has the so-called modern article backed off the map for letting off that surplus of vim, vinegar, and vitality. To close the evening, we’ll warble a few ditties in close harmony. Then if you want to go out and arouse the tree speaks with vociferous cries of “Happy New Year”, why, suit yourself—but remember, skiing will be the thing next day (after a swell

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Portable Ski Tow Approved By Board at Special Meeting

Purchase of a portable ski tow by the Obsidian club was approved at a recent meeting of the board of directors. The model chosen is a Sweden Speed ski tow, Model C, seven and three-fourths horsepower. Cost of the tow is $342.50 while the 1200 feet of rope specially treated to avoid soiling clothing costs $14. Insurance will be $27.23 a year.

Under proper management, the tow could be paid for in two years. Memberships for its use can be sold either by the day or by the season to Obsidians or non-members.

No Attendant Needed

The machine weights 350 pounds and uses about two gallons of gas a day. It can handle 12 persons at one time. No attendant is necessary to operate the machine after it is once started.

The tow would probably be left at Hand lake, and later moved to the White Branch area. At present, two tows of this same make are being used at Mount Hood.

Skiing Starts

The tow will be bought and put into use as soon as possible as mid-December finds the ski season well started. The cold wave that swept across the country brought the first heavy snow of the year to the Cascades on November 9. Many enthusiastic souls opened the season on November 10, and have been going each week since then.

Ski instruction will be offered this year on the McKenzie by Tony Vogel, while the Willamette Ski Patrol is also making plans for teaching skiing.

Attention, Warblers

Members who have not turned in their songbooks to Dr. Gullion are reminded that if they do, the books will be returned to them with the Rotary songs added. Everyone who has one of these incomplete books is asked to write his name and address on it and give it to Dr. Gullion as soon as possible.

February 9 to 16 Selected as Dates For Winter Outing

Although the New Year’s party is the biggest and nearest event among Obsidian activities, the outing committee is looking ahead to the winter outing, which this year will be held from February 9 to 16. Sterling Behnke, chairman, and Glen Sims and Bill Parrish are considering four locations. On page four of this paper is a coupon which those interested in attending the outing are asked to check and leave at Hendershott’s.

The four possibilities for winter outing for this season are:

Sun Valley—Excellent skiing, accommodations, atmosphere. The minimum charge for a week will be about $65.

Crater Lake—New territory for a winter outing. Now only 185 miles from Eugene on the new Willamette highway. Excellent accommodations.

Mount Hood—Familiar to most Obsidian skiers. Headquarters at Mazama lodge.

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