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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, February-March, 1940 Number 9

Hoodoo Butte To Be Site of 1940 Winter Outing

Snow commencing to lay in the mountains—time to think of winter camp, annual event of the Club that has grown to almost equal importance with the summer outing.

One complete week of unbroken opportunity to ski—ski—and ski, to your heart’s delight. Date for the outing—March 17 to 24—spring vacation at the university.

There has been considerable talk in favor of holding the annual winter outing at Hoodoo Butte. and utilizing the fine facilities of the newly constructed Santiam Ski Lodge for the headquarters of the occasion.

This new ski lodge, constructed by the Willamette National Forest and operated by the Willamette Ski Council, has all the necessary appointments—big fire place in main lodge room, adequate men’s and women’s dormitories each equipped with hot showers, affable attendant in constant charge, and meals provided by an established kitchen crew.

Hoodoo Butte ski area affords ample opportunity to enjoy the best in skiing. This sports center is favored by the Bend Skyliners ahead of their own area, as the closest and most popular ski area to Bend.

Cost of the outing is as yet unannounced, but it will be very nominal, not exceeding the cost of last year’s event.

Guil Hollingsworth was one of the Eugene students on the honor roll at Oregon State College last term. Congratulations!


Members of the Obsidian club saw the old year out and cheered the new year in at the annual New Year’s party, one of the most successful events of its kind yet staged by the club. More than 60 members of the club and their guests attended the two-day celebration, held this year at the former Belknap CCC camp.

Biggest event of the week-end was the party held Sunday night with contests, dancing, singing and a midnight lunch included on the program. Dorr Hamlin was awarded the famous “horsefeathers” Trophy for his prize-winning tale in the liars’ contest. His story will be found elsewhere in this bulletin. Competing with Dorr were Dr. O. R. Gullion, Jean Taylor, Bob Lemon, Roland Burghardt, Al Hoffman, Paul Deutschmann and Miner Hamlin.

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At the annual Obsidian New Year’s dinner, a short business meeting of the members was called by vice-president O. R. Gullion. It was voted to give up the present Obsidian cabin just above Lost Creek Ranch and lease instead the officers’ headquarters of the former Belknap CCC camp. With the lease of this building goes the privilege of using two dormitories, the kitchen and recreational facilities of the camp for overnight use. Plans are underway for work trips to the new cabin.


The social committee has planned a potluck dinner and Valentine party for Friday, February 9, at 6 p. m. at the W.O.W. hall, 291 Eighth avenue west. Modern and old-fashioned dances will be featured. Roland Burghardt will lead the singing, and Darwin Yoran will call the quadrille. Chester Pietka, accordionist, will play for the dancing and singing.

Miss Leslie Brockelbank will give a puppet show. Table games will also be provided.


Competitive skiing has taken a new trend in the last few years. America has been putting some first class racers into a field heretofore exclusively dominated by European Skiers. In the last few years we have put some excellent racers into the competition with Dick Durrance leading the field.

Until recently most of the great American skiers have come from the Eastern seaboard states. Lately, however the West has put in its bid for recognition. Skiers have come from Washington, Oregon and Idaho. From California have come John and Robert Blatt. In Washington they come mostly from Seattle. In Oregon they have had a chance to ski on famous Mt. Hood.

John and Bobby Blatt, 16 and 18 years old, who placed 7th and 9th in the 1939 Nationals learned

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