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Volume IV Eugene, Oregon, December, 1941 No. 6


And on New Year’s most all of us will be at our BIG OBSIDIAN BLOWOUT AT OBSIDIAN CABINS Let’s you come, too!

The dancing will start at 8 o’clock Wednesday evening. At 9 o’clock Roland Burghardt will take over to start the Dancing Contest and the Liars’ (Oh-no! I-seen-it-myself) Contest and a couple of other contests, too. At 12, as you may have heard, 1942 will enter the scene. We will give him a proper welcome and then pitch into New Years lunch at 12:15.

If we wake up New Year’s morning we can hop up the hill for a ski. Or we can lie in bed. Or we can do plenty of other

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Obsidian Program For War-Time By C. K. Stalsburg

There are rumors to the effect that the Obsidians will cancel some of their planned trips, but such action is contrary to the wish of local and federal authorities. It seems that in the very near future the Obsidians, Inc. will play a very important part in the welfare of the general public.

It is the desire and wish of federal and local authorities that the Obsidians, Inc. should carry on their program as scheduled, and that they should further intensify their program in regard to exploration of trails in mountains and training of leaders. The Obsidian Board will have a meeting Tuesday evening, December 16, at which time plans concerning the following will be made:

1. First aid in accordance with instructions released from the National Defense Council.

2. Training of individual members in order to comply with the qualifications of the National Ski Patrol.

3. Organization of additional ski patrols to work in cooperation with local organizations.

4. Elaboration of our present local walks program with the following objects in mind:

a. Familiarizing individuals with the terrain and trails of the surrounding mountains.

b. Providing suitable recreation for individuals in time of need.

c. Training members to become better leaders.

d. Developing individual members to have a better under-

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Chiefs and Princesses Annual Reunion

Fourteen of the Obsidian Chiefs gathered at the Obsidian cabin Saturday night, November 1, for their annual reunion. After the usual tall tale session, the chiefs served themselves with delicious chowder.

On Sunday, the princesses joined the chiefs in a potluck dinner.

Chiefs present were: Ray Sims, Darwin Yoran, Louis Waldorf, Cliff Stalsberg, Bailey Castelloe, Tony Vogel, Bryan Ryan, Glen Sims, Dr. Omar Gullion, Dorr Hamlin, Robert Lemon, Joe Heidenreich, Vint Gillespie, and Alvin Lynch.

Princesses: Florence Sims, Mertie Hamlin, Olga Mortensen, Nellie Moore, Doris Sims, Blanche Osborn, Hazel Stalsberg, Mary Gillespie, and Helen Smith.

Willamette Pass Ski Area By Dr. O. R. Gullion

Last winter on two occasions a number of Obsidians made a trip to the Willamette Summit to study the possibilities for skiing. On the whole these parties didn’t recommend the area for skiing, mainly because of the timber everywhere present. Never the less, the Willamette Summit is right in our front yard, can be reached in one and a half hours, over a beautiful wide straight road which is kept clear of snow all winter and is thus the nearest and easiest ski area to reach.

The elevation is 5,000 feet up to 6,500, depending on how far

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New Schedule

Dec. 13—Trip to Ward’s Butte, South of Cottage Grove. Leaders, Doran McKee, Nellie Moore.

Dec. 20—Annual Greenery trip, Helen Kilpatrick, leader. Watch the newspapers for announcement.


Dec. 27—Ski Trip.

Jan. 1—New Year’s Party at Cabin. Will you polka with me?

Jan. 4—Ski Trip.

Jan. 11—Ski Trip.

Jan. 18—Ski Trip. For non-skier, a climb of Spencer Butte, Percy Brown, leader.

Jan. 25—Ski Trip. Bohemia and Fairview Mt., Leaders, Ray Sims, Van Purdy.

Feb. 1—Ski Trip.

Feb. 8—Coast Trip, Mosher Cabins. Leaders, Florence Sims, Mary Pennoyer.

Feb. 15 to March 15—Ski Trips.

March 22-29—Winter Outing.

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