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Volume 5 Eugene, Oregon, April, 1942 No. 1


This publication is being sent to all past members of the Obsidians, Inc. in order that they might see what the Obsidians have done, are doing and will do. There are a number of old members that are at this time rather inactive because of other pressing activities. Nevertheless we realize that they wish to keep in touch with the activities of the Club. Below I am submitting a number of reasons why old members should continue as members of Obsidians, Inc.

(1) This organization was created and grew through your efforts. Therefore, you should continue your membership in order that you may further help the growth of this organization.

(2) An organization with a large membership carries more prestige than an organization with a small membership.

(3) The activities of the Club are so varied that there should be activities for everyone, regardless of present position or circumstances.

(4) The Club possesses one of the best reputations of any hiking or mountaineering organization on the West Coast. We have never had a major accident or catastrophe on any of our climbing expeditions.

(5) Only paid up members are eligible to vote. There are a number of very important issues in the near future. Therefore, it is urged that as many of the old members as possible continue their membership in order that the Club may live up to the ideal for which it was organized.

(6) Active membership at this time is especially important for the development of the young

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Winter Outing Proves Exciting

Everyone at Obsidian Winter Outing the Sunday it started was very very happy to look forward to a whole week, or even part of a week of skiing. First evening we didn’t know what to do, so we looked at books on skiing, looked at the famous rocks in the fireplace, played cards, and just sat and looked at each other. There was a big phonograph and lots of records, but the vital machinery of the music box was totally missing. Mary Ralls played the piano to the delight of all.

Norman Lee injured his ankle very badly Sunday; Monday morning he returned to Portland by bus.

From Government Camp came the report Sunday evening that four girls were lost. After a time two of them were found. Then, very much later, Frenchy, the cook, came back from Government Camp and reported that the other two had been found—imagine—on the other side of the Mountain. There was another lost skier, who came to the lodge early Monday morning, saying that he had been out all night.

Tuesday morning we made our first expedition to Timberline. We skied down the Alpine trail. Soft flaky snow fell all the while, difficult to see through, but pleasant to fall in.

Tuesday night the cook obtained a phonograph, which though very squeaky, provided welcome (?) entertainment.

The ski tow was in operation on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. A few of the braver souls set up an experimental slalom course, which was CLERTAINLY SLOMP’N’!

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Through the cooperation of the National Forest Service and the Obsidians, Inc., there was a meeting April 16, 1942 at 7:30 p. m. at the Del Rey Cafe. This meeting was for the purpose of organizing a training course to combat some of the difficulties that might arise in connection with the fire hazards this coming summer.

As President of the Obsidians, I feel that we should do everything possible to cooperate with the Forest Service to the fullest extent. They are the ones that have made our activities possible and they are always on the lookout for our welfare. Mr. Bruckart at this time requests that especially physically fit Obsidians volunteer for service and for time to take a training course in fire fighting. This course will

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Ray B. Boals New Chairman Of Local Walks Committee By C. K. Stalsberg

Mr. Ray B. Boals has been officially appointed by the Obsidians Board as chairman of the Local Walks Committee. He automatically becomes a member of the Board to replace Arvin Lynch who has accepted a position in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Boals works at the Eugene Water Board and is especially interested in outdoor activities. He should be a great asset to the Obsidians at this time in correlating their activities with those of the National Forest Service.

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