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Volume V Eugene, Oregon, June, 1942 No. 2


Sixteen people have signed up for Summer Camp, and many more have stated that they are going. Better get your name on the list!

A two weeks’ outing is awaiting you and your friends in a region rarely visited until just recently. The cpening of the new Willamette highway has put this beautiful region within an easy hike of less than five miles. I suppose by now you have heard of Linnton Meadows, Husband Lake, The Three Sisters Primitive Area, and Township 17 South, Range 7 East, Section 1.

Well, anyway, this year’s summer camp will be located on the shores of Husband Lake, on the beautiful flower-filled Linnton Meadows, which lies nestled between the Three Sisters, the Husband, and the Wife. To you “Smoke Chasers” it’s T 17 S, R 7 E, Sec. 1.

We are pleased to report that as usual the Forest Service is cooperating 100% in allowing us to establish a camp within a Primitive Area and within a Game Refuge. The meadows are often visited by herds of elk. Last year several groups made trips into Linnton Meadows and several individuals reached the summit of the Husband. All claim the locality ideal for a two weeks’ summer outing because of its nearness to so many points of interest.

Some have suggested a climb of the Middle Sister from the south side via the Palisades; others wish to make a complete circuit of the South Sister; some even think that they would like to try the South Sister from the north side; then there is the easy and hard way to climb the Husband; the annual climb of the North Sister will be led by the veteran Ray Sims on August 9; climbs will be made of the Wife, the Sphinx, Burnt Top, Substitute Point, and other lesser peaks in the near vicinity.

Oh, yes, there are lakes that lie around and around—Honey Lake, Tokatee Lakes, Linnton Lake and dozens of small lakes that provide excellent swimming and fishing. Many trails lead out from this area; such as Foley Ridge Trail, Sky Line Trail, and Separation Creek Trail. There are way trails that connect these trails and others that lead to points of interest, such as Honey Creek Falls, Linnton Creek Falls and Buck Meadows.

The outing committee feels and knows that this particular location is ideal for an excellent two weeks’ outing in spite of the war situation. August will be a good time to relax and forget some of your every-day worries. Camp can be reached by way of McKenzie Highway and Frog Camp, a distance of 72 miles by car or Bend Stages; hike 8½ miles; or by the new Willamette Highway and Wickiup Plains, distance 135 miles by car, hike an easy 5 miles.

Complete costs for the two weeks’ outing will be $35 for members and $40 for non-members, including transportation. If there is a large attendance, sufficient to cut some of the larger expenses, then a rebate will be made to those in attendance.

The Outing Committee is experienced and will do everything

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Begin Preparing For Summer Outing Now

Experience has proven that it is wise to check your equipment early and to replace old or worn out articles. In preparing for Summer Camp, please check the following suggested list of articles and equipment:

1. Sleeping Bag or 2 heavy blankets and canvass 8 ft. x 8 ft.—air mattress for comfort.

2. Knapsack or Rucksack—packboard for overnight trips is preferred by some.

3. Flashlight, extra batteries and globe or Carbide Lamp.

4. Heavy Hiking or Climbing Boots—tennis shoes for around camp and for rock climbs—slippers or mocassins.

5. Wool Jacket or Parka or Windbreaker and Sweater or extra Wool Shirt.

6. Wool Mittens and Gloves.

7. Individual First Aid Kit and Junk Bag containing—pencil, paper, safety pins, boot laces, candle, waterproof matches, tape, etc.

8. Sun Paint or Zinc Oxide—cold cream.

9. Sunglasses.

10. Personal Ice Axe and/or Crampons.

11. Plenty of Wool Socks.

12. Towels, Tooth Brush and personal items.

13. Drinking Cup and Canteen

14. Dunnage Bag.

It would be well to reduce extra personal belongings to a minimum because dunnage will be restricted to 35 pounds per person—anything over this amount must be paid for at the rate of 10c per pound.


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