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Volume V Eugene, Oregon, July, 1942 No. 3


Glen Sims, Florence Sims, Cliff Stalsberg, Hazel Stalsberg; Robert Lemon, Charlotte Lemon, Hugh Currin, Mrs. Currin, Darwin Yoran, Josie Yoran, Mertie Hamlin, Nellie Moore, Ray Sims, Thelma Watson, Norman Lee, Mary Pennoyer, Ruth Hopson, Jane Hall, Helen Lynch, Louis Waldorf, Helen Kilpatrick, Ed Kremer, Oneita Behnke, Bertha Deckmann.

1942—The Year of The Big Camp


FOR MEMBERS: Full two weeks .... $35.00 (Includes transportation both ways)
Less than two weeks .... $2.50 per day (Transportation not furnished)

FOR NON-MEMBERS: Full two weeks .... $40.00 (Includes transportation both ways)
Less than two weeks .... $2.75 per day (Transportation not furnished)


Breakfast .... $ .75
Lunch .... .75
Dinner .... 1.00

All packing for everybody will be done at the specified time only. Everybody should see that their dunnage is at the proper place at the proper time.


Linnton Meadows at the base of Husband.

The time for summer camp is rapidly approaching. At the present time, 24 have signed up to attend this year’s outing which will be held in Linnton Meadows at the base of the Husband and the Three Sisters Primitive Area. Conditions are ideal for a wonderful two weeks outing. Plans are materializing and everyone seems to be looking forward to the camp with a great deal of anxiety.

The committee has submitted a tentative schedule of trips and events that will take place during the two weeks. If you know of someone who is planning to attend, be sure to have them register immeditaely at Hendershott’s Gun Store. For additional information, you can contact the committee:

Glen E. Sims, Chairman Park Avenue Phone 3051-W

Robert H. Lemon 1280 Mill Street Phone 4725-J or 497

Clifford K. Stalsberg 932 East 20th Street Phone 3132-M or 3300, Local 227

Schedule of Trips and Events

Saturday, Aug. 1—Camp Committee sets up camp. Your luggage will be taken in by pack horse today.

Sunday, Aug. 2—You will arrive at the camp site in the afternoon, either by a five mile hike from Wickiup plains or a nine

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On June 20 and 21 the Obsidians and their friends were guests of the Forest Service at the Belknap CCC Camp above McKenzie Bridge. Saturday evening we were treated to an excellent dinner, the making of which was supervised by Roy Elliott. The Forest Service also provided us with lodging and our meals on Sunday.

Saturday evening was spent playing baseball, dancing, and conferring with the various Forest Service officials. On Sunday, various problems were presented to the Smoke Chasers by Ray Engles, Billy Williams, and Roy Elliott. These problems were very instructive and caused us to put into actual practice some of the things we had learned at our sessions here in town. I am sure that we all learned one thing, and that was accuracy. I think all members feel what they actually learned from the Smoke Chasing course will be very beneficial to them on their various hikes and climbs.

Obsidians present were: Dorr Hamlin, Mertie Hamlin, Glen Sims, Florence Sims, Cliff Stalsberg, Doran McKee, Bertie McKee, Robert Lemon, Ray Boals, Dr. Omar Gullion, Walter Banks, Bob Moffett, Gudmund Kaarhus, Percy Brown, George Korn, Louis Waldorf, Bob Swennes, Norman Lee, and Harold Trotter.

I would like to thank the various individuals for participating in this training course and for cooperating with the Forest Ser-

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