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Volume V Eugene, Oregon, September, 1942 No. 4


From all reports, the Obsidian Summer Camp at Husband Lake was a grand success. Everyone that attended seemed to enjoy the region thoroughly. In fact many had signified their intention of returning to Linnton Meadows for another camp in the near future.

There were many points of interest, many climbs that were not taken because of the time element. Repeat trips were made to Honey Lake, Chieftain Lake, Chambers Lake, and the Husband because they proved of special interest. The two major climbs of the camp were the North Sister and the South Sister.

The success of the camp can be attributed to the congenial group that was in attendance. They were always willing to help the committee and others whenever they were asked. All trips were well attended, and everyone entered into the spirit of the camp with enthusiasm. Campfire singing was led by Hugh Currin and Dave Faville.

Mrs. Kienzel’s cooking was always a delight and a satisfaction. Some say the food was the best that we have ever had at any summer camp.

The Obsidians had the pleasure of being visited by Forrest Morgan, Ray Engles and Supervisor Bruckart of the Willamette National Forest. Ray Engles made the difficult climb of the North Sister with the group, this being his first major climb. We sincerely hope that he can accompany us on some of our other trips and climbs.

Those in attendance were as follows:

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The annual meeting will be held Tuesday evening, October 6, 1942, at the Episcopal Parish Hall, 166 E. 13th Ave. Beginning with a dinner at 6:30 P.M., price per plate 85c, followed by balloting for Directors, Picture Contest, Business Meeting, Movies of Camp, also colored slides. Balloting will close at 8:30 P.M.

Victory in Views Annual Picture Contest

Who—Any member of the Obsidian Club except those who are professional photographers.

When—At the annual meeting of the Obsidian Club, October 6, 1942.

Where—At Episcopal Church, 13th and Oak Streets.

What—Pictures taken by members on any Obsidian trip; during Winter Outing; or at Summer Camp.

Why—Prizes will be given for the best in each of the following classifications:

Snow Scenes
Plant and Animal Life
Human Interest

Which—All prize winning pictures will become the property of the Club.

How—Rules of entry:

1. All pictures must be enlargements, 5x7 or larger, mat mounted and may be tinted or untinted.

2. Name of picture must be on front of photo. Date, if known.

3 Name of entrant together with list of titles of all entries must be given to com-

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Obsidian Camp Reunion

The official date for the camp reunion has been set for Saturday evening, September 19, 1942. Present plans are to begin the affair with a steak dinner at 7:00 at the Del Rey Cafe.

It has been suggested that the women may come dressed semi-formally which would be a contrast to the attire worn at summer camp. The committee wishes everyone present, so come as you are or as you wish, just so long as you are present. Each person attending is requested to bring his wife, husband, sweetheart, or what have you. The price of the dinner will be $1.00 per plate. Be sure to notify the committee whether you are coming or not, in order that proper plans can be made. (Call Hazel Stalsberg, 3132-M.)

Pictures will be shown and experiences re-lived. Bring your pictures, and if you have a story or song, please contact the committee in advance so that it may be included in the program.

More detailed information later.

President’s Letter
Of Appreciation

The Obsidians’ year of activities is about to come to a close. We have not been able to accomplish as much as we had expected, but nevertheless, there seems to have been some progress made. Activities on climbs and local walks were somewhat restricted because of existing conditions. However, many shorter trips were taken and events

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