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Volume VI Eugene, Oregon, February, 1943 No. 3

Valentine Party

The Obsidians are going to hold a Valentine’s Party next Thursday, February 11, at the Y.M.C.A., 1225 Kincaid street, at 8:00 p. m.

An evening of varied entertainment is in store for those who attend. There will be moving pictures, special feature numbers will be given and there will be an exchange of valentines. Glen Snyder will furnish the music. Refreshments will be served.

There will be a small charge of 25c to defray expenses. Come and bring your friends for an evening of fun.


Skis were standing round the doorsteps of Eugene homes for three days last week, when snow blanketed the Willamette valley for the first time in six years. It was bound to come; for though tires and gasoline must be conserved—Old Man Winter wouldn’t let his favorite children down. He knows they couldn’t get through a winter without a few days of ski-wax stuck to the kitchen stove, the floor and the handtowels; or without Christies, herring-bones and sitz-marks on the nearby hills.

Laurelwood was the most popular spot, with the old golf course on College Hill running a close second.

Helen and Paul Wiser, Minnie and Bill McCracken and of course the three boys, Nancy Hamlin, and I expect Dorr. Corwin Seitz, Adeline and Doris and Ray Sims were the Obsidians reported enjoying the snow. I expect there were many others.

The Obsidian Club extends their sincere sympathy to Jean Taylor over the death of her brother, Major Tom Taylor who was killed in action January 13, 1943.


New Year 1943 brought to Eugene and the Willamette Valley the worst flood in fifty years. In Glenwood and those districts bordering the river, it was actually as serious to those people as the floods of the Mississippi Valley.

Roads and highways were cloSed, buildings were flooded or moved from their former locations, property was damaged, livestock lost and nine Willamette valley residents were drowned.

With the country flooded the New Year’s party planned at the River Road Community House had to be postponed and the date January 16 was set. This date had to be cancelled so now we are hoping nothing will interfere with the Valentine party which will probably be held on the evening of February 13.

Blanket—Who Wants A Blanket!!

The Princesses are giving away a fine blanket to the person who holds the lucky number at the OBSIDIAN VALENTINE PARTY. The tickets are 10c each or 3 for 25c. The proceeds will go toward a War Bond.

A choice recipe will be given with the ticket and the person does not need to be present at the drawing.

Local Walks

Owing to the misfortune of our Local Walks chairman, Louie Waldorf in breaking his right arm (which was his left) the committee has not been able to meet and no walk schedule has been planned. Watch the papers for any announcements.


There will be a winter outing at the Obsidian cabin February 20-22. The skiing and entertainment committees will co-operate with the outing committee.

Sign up at Hendershott’s and watch the town paper for more details.


Obsidians have long been noted for their long miles, their long yarns told at the Annual New Year’s party, but their latest achievement was a Christmas tree, 210 feet long, 62 inches in circumference and having 247 rings.

The main object of the December trip was to get greenery for Christmas decorations. Dr. Gullion, leader, invited the group to his farm and 13 accepted the invitatino. On arrival at the farm Dr. Gullion’s real motive was disclosed—he needed a tree cut down for wood. The tree was felled, followed by a wiener roast and picnic dinner around a huge bon-fire which was enjoyed by all. Cedar and fir boughs, Oregon grape and real Christmas trees to suit each individual’s taste and specifications were then supplied to the following: Bertie and Doran McKee. Myrtle and Dorr Hamlin. Jean and Dan McGeen. Florence and Glen Sims. Nellie Moore. Bertha Deckman, Helen Kilpatrick, Ray Boals and Dr. Gullion.

Party at Skovbo’s Jan. 7

Thirteen members and friends met at Skovbo’s for an evening of dancing. A white elephant exchange was held after which refreshments were served. There would have been more present but transportation was limited.

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