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Volume VI Eugene, Oregon, July, 1943 No. 4

Obsidian Annual Summer Outing Aug. 1-15

The date set for this year’s Obsidian Summer Outing is August 1 to 15, and the place will be the Obsidian Cabin at the Belknap C.C.C. camp, just above McKenzie Bridge.

On account of the shortage of gas, difficulties of transportation and other handicaps too numerous to mention, it was thought best not to try to have camp back in the mountains, and some distance away from main travelled highways, as has been our former practice and as most of the members would prefer this year if conditions were favorable, but conditions this year for camping in the wilds are entirely different from what they have been for any former outing.

The Forest Service, through Mr. Elliott, has granted us the use of their kitchen, dining room, bunk house, in fact almost anything we want, and are both willing and anxious to help us in every way possible to make the outing pleasant and enjoyable.

Transportation being one of the big items to contend with this year, it will be necessary for each person to arrange for their own transportation, which may be done by engaging fare with some other Obsidian who is fortunate enough to have an auto, and gas enough to run it, or they may engage fare via The Mt. Hood stages which will be going by the camp every day of the week

The committee will arrange to transport all bedding, luggage, and equipment for all parties going to the camp beginning.

As in former years, non-members are not only welcome, but are invited to join with us at this camp.

On account of the food ration-

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Late winter and spring have found the Princesses meeting in January with Doris Sims, February with Myrtie Hamlin, March with Thelma Watson, April with Minnie McCracken, May with Hazel Stalsberg, and June wth Helen Wiser in the form of a cover dish. Each hostess with her assistant have served the customary delicious dessert which our Princesses are noted for.

As a contribution to war work we have completed two Afghans for the Red Cross. Mrs. D. E. Yoran was most kind in giving these the finishing touch with colorful edgings.

Along with our knitting we write letters each meeting to Obsidians in the service and before the year passes we hope to have reached each service member with a bit of news from home.

The July 19th meeting will be with Mary Gillespie and will be another covered dish.

“Good Deed” Done

A dozen members of the Obsidians took pot-luck lunch and gathered at the suburban orchard of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Waldorf Sunday, May 23 for a day’s “good deed.”

Hoeing around most of the filbert trees and other odd jobs was the order of the day. The Waldorf’s expressed thanks to all. Those helping were: Prof. Sipe, Ray Boals, Dr. Gullion, Mrs. Neal, Bertie and Doran McKee, Florence and Glen Sims, Nellie Moore, Helen Smith, Elmer McBee and Dorr Hamlin.

Later in the afternoon Myrtle Hamlin and Helen Kirkpatrick with two grand-daughters came out to inspect the work.

BLANCHE OSBURN has finished her primary training at the 318th Army Air Force Training Detachment at Sweetwater; Texas and is now entering her basic training. On her days off she has visited Dallas, Texas and several other nearby cities.


Just a few lines from the Entertainment Committee about out past activities and those planned for the future.

Along with our dinners and dances we have enjoyed some excellent pictures. February 11th pictures of Mexico were shown by Miss Wood, and I feel we all learned something about our neighbors to the South. There were 36 present. Bob Wilson and Marjorie Scobert were special guests.

An exchange of valentines was held later in the evening to add to the fun.

March 18th Mr. Brazill of the Boneville Administration showed some very fine movies of the Columbia river and the different government developments in the area. Most interesting was the salmon negotiating the rapids and fish ladders. Also some very

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