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Volume VI Eugene, Oregon, September, 1943 No. 5

Annual Meeting Tuesday, October 5, 1943

The annual meeting of the OBSIDIANS, INC. will be held at the River Road Women’s Club House, Tues. evening, October 5, 1943. Transportation will be via private cars or the River Road bus. Dinner will be at 6:30 p. m. Each member coming bring a potluck dish and coffee will be furnished by the club.

Following the dinner will be the annual business meeting, election of directors, reports of committees, etc. Polls will be open from 7:30 to 8:30. Only ACTIVE members, whose dues are paid, are eligible to vote. Dues for the ensuing year will be payable at this time, amount $2.00, and the secretary will be prepared to receive them. There are nine directors to be elected—six men and three women. Following is a list of candidates selected by the nominating committee:

Ray B. Boals, Dr. O. R. Gullion, J. Dorr Hamlin, Joe F. Heidenreich, Arthur Hendershott, Elmer F. McBee, Doran McKee, S. F. Patterson, Frank P. Sipe, Clifford K. Stalsberg, Louis Waldorf, Darwin Yoran.

Bertha Deckman, Jane Hall, Nancy Hamlin, Florence Sims, Helen Smith, Thelma Watson.


Vital Statistics

Dot and Elsie have a new boy, James Leslie, born August 24. Little “Batam” has been suggested for a chief’s name.

Mr. and Mrs. Louie Waldorf are the proud grandparents of a baby boy born Sept. 4, 1943.

W. F. O. C. Attended By Three Obsidians

The Obsidians had three official representatives at the annual meeting of the Western Federation of Outdoor Clubs. They were Dorr Hamlin, Vice-president for Oregon; Florence Sims, our club president, and Louis Waldorf, Delegate. Glen Sims and Thelma Watson also acompanied them to the meeting, which was held in the Mazama club rooms in Portland, on Sunday, Sept. 19. Due to war conditions, this one day business session took the place of the usual two and a half day outing and business meetings of the Federation.

Reports were made by members showing the large number of outing club members now in the armed services and also in home front activities.

A number of resolutions were passed, largely representing the interests of outdoor people in pending national legislation.

Ed. J. Hughes, Mazama, was elected president, Dr. Leonard Cook, Chemekatan, vice-president for Oregon, Martha Darcy, sec-treas. and Matilda Smedburg, corresponding secretary.

Picnic At McKees

On July 25th the Obsidians enjoyed a picnic out at McKee’s. After a tour of the melon and corn patches their fine new fireplace was initiated.

Those enjoying this good time were Darwin and Josie Yoran, Catherine Dunlop, Nellie Moore, Utahna Hall, Thelma Watson. Alfred Tyson and his Dad, Lloyd Helikson, Louis and Roxie Waldorf and Glen and Florence Sims.

Cascadia Work Trip

If you were not in on that work trip to Fernview Forest Camp above Cascadia on the South Santiam, July 18th, we are sorry and if you did not take a cushion to sit on you were sorry.

Wear your old clothes was the advice given. Dorr said “that suits me as that is all I have anyway.” Thelma didn’t have many, but she wore what few she had, they surely were old, because they did not meet in the middle by a foot or more.

Transportation and tools were furnished by the Forest Service, free if you didn’t count the lini-

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In Memoriam

No brows all wet with trail brewed sweat,

No aching backs, bowed down by packs,

No blistered feet, no burns to treat,

No swinging axe with ringing hacks,

No stove to stoke, no fire to poke,

No smoke filled eyes, no buzzing flies,

No trips all mapped, no skeeters slapped,

No songs at night by campfire light,

No mattress flat at half-past that,

No breakfast call, no rush by all,

No legs to cramp, no cook to vamp,

No dew, no damp, no Summer Camp!

Mabel J. Currin

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