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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, February, 1944 No. 1

Gerald Johnson

Gerald Johnson, who is a major now, has raised his score of Jap planes to thirteen. He has been in New Guinea about a year now. Recently he was given a rest period. Among other things he did with his spare time was the raising of watermelons.


Capt. Warren Smith writes that he is stationed on a beautiful large island in the Southwest Pacific. Aside from a few air raids, he says, the life out there is none too exciting.

And that’s from a boy who participated in the Empress Augusta marine operations!

Bob Wilson writes to correct an unclear statement in the Dec. Obsidian. He finished his training at Farragut nearly two years ago. Since then he has been working at the Disbursing Offices at San Diego and at Farragut. He thinks his next station may be in Alaska or the Aleutians.

Window Display

Early in January the Obsidians had a display at the Del Ray Cafe honoring our members in the Service. There was a placard giving the names of all those in uniform and there were photographs of as many as could be obtained. With a background composed of enlarged views of the Three Sisters, lent by Myrtie Hamlin, and pine cone and bough decorations, it made a very attractive window.

Patronize our advertisers.

Obsidian Of The Year

Since all the magazines are doing this we feel we should too.

The Obsidian who:

Shot down more zeros than Gerald Johnson.

Flew more fortresses than Blanche Osborn.

Climbed the North Sister more times than Ray Sims.

Failed to climb it more times than Ray Boals.

Trapped more skunks in more cupboards than Darwin Yoran.

We introduce—

The little man who isn’t there.

Christmas Party

The Christmas party was held Dec. 16 in the Parish House of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Thirty-nine were present. The program, which was in charge of Alfred Tyson, featured slides by the Forest Service, special Christmas records from Moselle Hair’s collection, games, a tree with presents distributed by that unsurpassable Santa Claus, Ray Boals, group singing of carols led by Tom Kaarhus and, of course, dancing and refreshments. It was one of the jolliest parties of the year.


Local Walks has been very successful this winter. Among the many trips were those to Mt. Pisgah, Coburg Hills, Chase Gardens, the Airport and, of course, Spencers Butte. The trips have all been well led and well attended.

Liars’ Contest

The Liars’ Contest, which is always one of the features of the New Year’s party, was won by Florence Sims. There were some outstanding lies told that evening but Florence not only told a whopper but put on a whopping good act when she told it. This will not be the first time Florence’s name has been engraved on the cup.

Parties Planned

The Entertainment Committee have planned to give a party on the average of twice a month. Since it is not possible to be sure of time and place very far in advance these will always be announced in the daily paper. So keep an eye out. The hour is always 8 o’clock. Here is the tentative schedule for the next two months

Valentine Party, February 10th or 12th, Helen Kilpatrick in charge. Each person is asked to bring a valentine for the valentine exchange. There will also be dancing and refreshments.

Leap Year Party, Saturday, Feb. 26, Doran McKee in charge Something very special is being planned.

St. Patrick’s Day Party, Thur., Mar. 16, Jane Hall in charge. Jane hasn’t said what she has up her sleeve.

“Specialty Show”, Sat., April 1st. The Committee is putting a lot of effort into this one. They feel that there is a lot of hidden talent in the Club. Anyone having any suggestions for “specialties” is urged to get in touch with Albert Tyson. It is hoped that everyone interested will participate.

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