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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, March, 1944 No. 2

A New Service To Our Members

As a member club of the Western Federation of Outdoor Clubs we exchange newspapers with other member clubs and also receive the Mazama Annual and the Federation’s Quarterly. As a member of National Ski Association and Pacific Northwestern Ski Association we receive publications from these organizations. We also receive the National Parks magazine and The Living Wilderness magazine.

In the past this very interesting collection of reading material has come to the Secretary and been filed away. We are endeavoring to get this material into the hands of our members.

The Secretary has bound these various publications and placed library cards in the back of each booklet. We will try to have them at Obsidian doings and any member desiring to take one may do so by contacting the Secretary.

Capt. R. R. Hewitt Visits

Dick Hewitt, marine pilot, has been home on a two weeks leave. It took him two days flying to reach San Francisco from somewhere in the Pacific. After that it was only a few more hours to home. He has been enjoying his stay though he says that with all the young people gone he “feels like a foreigner” in his own town. After a trip up the McKenzie he reported that “snow looked pretty nice”. He is not very communicative about himself, however. Though he wears a presidential citation his parents still don’t know what it is for.

Buy more bonds and stamps.

Letter from Gerald Johnson

Dear Obsidians:

Ever since I left Eugene, three years ago to fly in the Army Air Forces you have sent me letters of encouragement, and the Bulletins regarding your outdoor activities. I’ve been able to follow you on weekend trips, Summer Camp, and the ski trips in winter. Many new members I do not know but I can say I know the exhilaration they get from their first ascent of Jefferson, Washington, the North Sister. Glen probably remembers the day I fell on Jeff and took the skin off my face—Yes the volcanic ash inbedded in my chin is still visible.

As you know I am now somewhere in New Guinea. I have flown over these jungle covered Owen Stanley’s for several hundred hours and they are really rugged. There are waterfalls with 3 and 4 hundred foot drops, peaks rising 14,000 feet into the clouds and over most, a tangle of jungle so dense that you litterally have to cut your way through. This country is wild and unexplored and over all its fierceness and mystery, is a natural beauty I cannot describe. Palm trees sillhouetted by a brilliant tropical moon. Sunset against the mountains and clouds, and the violence of a monsoonal storm. I still have an Obsidian appreciation of these things as before. Hope to hear from you again.

As ever Gerald

New Rule

At the January meeting a motion was made and passed that dogs be prohibited from all Obsidian activities in the future.


From Sea to High Sierra! a colored movie and lecture by C. A. (Bert) Harwell will be presented by the Natural History Society of Eugene at 8:15 p. m., Fri., Apr. 21, Chapman Hall.

Mr. Harwell is well known to some of the Obsidians. Myrtie says:

“I was pleased to learn that Mr. Harwell is to be at Chapman Hall in April. Dorr and I met him at Donner Pass at the Federation of Out-door Clubs, in Sept. 1939. Mr. Harwell invited everyone to go to Yosemite and about seven carloads decided to go in a caravan with him leading. He pointed out places of interest along the way, and when we arrived at his home he played the piano and whistled bird-songs for an hour or more, before we said goodby and drove up to Glacier Point to watch the “Fire-Falls” at 9 p. m.”

Missing in Action

Two of our members have been reported as missing in action in the European theater. Lt. John W. Brown, who was piloting a flying fortress has been missing since a flight over Germany. Lt. Colver K. Waller also is missing in action somewhere in Europe since Jan. 27. Lt. Waller was navigator and bombardier in a “skip bomber” outfit. We are all hoping that some word from these boys will be received soon.

Coming Parties

The Entertainment Committee has not yet made out its schedule for the next two months. Please watch the local paper for announcements.

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