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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, June, 1944 No. 3

Obsidian Summer Outing

At the regular board meeting of the directors of the Obsidians Inc., held in April, it was the consensus of opinion of the majority of the Board, that it would be wise to hold our Summer Outing at the coast this year, provided a satisfactory camp site and suitable arrangements could be made to hold a successful, pleasant Outing. This decision was arrived at on account of the inability of finding a camp site in the mountains which would be accessible to limited means of transportation caused by gas shortage, lack of horses for pack train service, difficulty of finding satisfactory help for necessary service, and a desire to hold the Outing where members having only short vacations could attend for a week or only for a few days.

Accordingly, the Outing committee was instructed to make a survey of possible locations on the coast to learn if a place could be found which would be accessible to any and all, and where accommodations would be such as to insure a pleasant and enjoyable time for two weeks, one week, or only for a few days, and where transportation to and from, was within the reach of everyone.

With this idea in view, the Outing Committee has made a survey of possible locations on the coast, and has engaged accommodations at Purdy’s Inn for two weeks, Aug. 6 to Aug. 20.

This Inn is located back from the ocean just far enough to be out of the cold wind, in a very quiet secluded cove among the big trees, a very picturesque, pleasant setting, yet accessible to the ocean.

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Local Walks June-July Schedule

June 4. MOHAWK HILLS. Vera Heidenreich, leader. The Mohawk country, though close to Eugene, seems to have been very little explored by the Obsidians.

June 11. BICYCLE TRIP. Catherine Dunlop, leader. A trip on the Coburg road to a fine picnic area near the Coburg bridge. Those not wishing to bicycle may go by car, and join the cyclers in a picnic lunch.

June 18. HARDESTY MOUNTAIN. Jane Hall, leader. This is a very fascinating trip over forest trails in the Willamette Forest, to an elevation of about 4000 feet. Qualifying.

June 25. BROOKMIRE CUTTINGS. Paul Wiser, leader. Though quite close to Eugene, this wild country has probably never been visited by the Obsidians. Qualifying.

July 2. MOSSY MAPLE FOREST CAMP. Ray Boals, leader. This is a Forest Service sponsored work trip, the object being to repair the picnicking facilities of this very popular forest camp.

July 9. HOUSE ROCK FOREST CAMP. Dorr Hamlin, leader. This is another Forest service trip, to a forest camp on the upper Santiam river, near the base of famous seven mile hill.

July 16. MYSTERY TRIP! Glen Sims, leader. The location of this trip is a deep secret, but rumor has it that it will occupy most of the day, but not take us too far from Eugene.

July 23. MIDDLE SISTER. Cliff Stalsberg, leader. The middle sister climb is a July tradition among Obsidians. We hope at least a few will make it. Qualifying.

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Entertainment JANE HALL

Colored slides of Death Valley and Lake Mead were shown by Professor James C. Stovall at a party held Saturday evening, April 29, at the YWCA. Professor Stovall took the pictures while on a trip to the region of Death Valley and Lake Mead, which is the lake impounded by Boulder Dam.

Following the slides, a contest was held, in which pictures of Obsidians as babies were exhibited, the purpose being to see who could identify the most pictures. Helen Kilpatrick won first place.

Thelma Watson was in charge of arranging for the party.

The feature of the May 27 party was a shadow sale. the gentlemen were to fix baskets which they brought to the party. Then while Helen Kilpatrick acted as auctioneer, the ladies bid on the men’s shadows. The successful bidder had the privilege of sharing the basket with her shadow. Alfred Tyson really fixed his own basket. The other men worked on the old theory “let the wife do it”.

A fourth of July picnic is being planned by the entertainment committee for Obsidians and their families. The place will be announced later. It is planned as an all day affair, with a potluck dinner at noon.

Club Buys a Lot

Having been given authority at a special meeting held the evening of April 29th, the Board purchased a lot 66’ by 157’ on the southwest corner of 17th and High streets. It is hoped that in the not too distant future we can build a nice club house there. In the meantime a lawn will be planted.

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