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Volume III Eugene, Oregon, September, 1944 No. 4

Capt. Wiper Decorated

Charles Wiper has been presented the air medal for “meritorious achievement in combat operational flights of a hazardous nature.” Flying an A-24 Douglas dive bomber, he took part in seven combat missions against the enemy in the south and south-west Pacific.

Puzzle at Whitebranch

Something very odd has come over Whitebranch. Where a good sized stream of silty water should be rushing across the road at Lost Creek Ranch, a mere brooklet of nearly clear water flows. And where a torrent of very dirty water should be entering Proxy Creek there is a mere dribble. Dirty to be sure but a trickle, nevertheless. Yet at the Whitebranch crossing neither the quantity nor the quality has altered. What has Whitebranch been up to?

President’s Tea

The Beach Camp—that’s the one that had the president, you know, and consequently the President’s Tea, really spread itself this year. After going through that delightful bit of nonsense in honor of “King Ray” and “Queen Lillian”, they put on one for Florence who missed out last year owing to there having been NO SUMMER CAMP. ’Twas really quite a social event.

We are happy to announce that Lt. John Brown, who was previously reported missing in action is still alive and has been heard from. No further details are available at the present.

Summer Camp

Something new was tried this year, the experiment of holding two camps. It seems to have worked out very well. At least the people from each came back with tales of high good times. The Beach Camp was held at Purdy’s Inn near Yachats. This is new country to Obsidians and should have provided many interesting trips, as indeed, it did. The Mountain Camp was held at Obsidian Camp. The old stove top was still there and after a bit of work by Elmer McBee, was soon functioning perfectly, with Ada Smith really turning out the meals. Of course this was old country to most Obsidians but they went ahead wearing down the mountains just as enthusiastically as they always do. Many have been heard to say that they hoped two camps would be held again next year, adding only, that it would be nice to have them come at different times.

Missing in Action

Lt. Joseph Jackson has been reported missing in action over Rumania. He was a member of the 71st fighting squadron. Now that Rumania has surrendered we are hoping to hear that Lt. Jackson is among those freed by the entry of the Russians. He is the third Obsidian reported missing while flying in the European theater.


The members are requested to bring their own dishes to the Annual meeting potluck.

John Skillern is spending a few days at home while on furlough.

Notice of Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Obsidians, Inc., will be held at the Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 12th & Pearl Sts., October 3, 1944. Dinner will be at 6:30 p. m. Each member coming bring a potluck dish and coffee will be furnished by the Club. Each member bring own dishes.

Following the dinner will be the annual business meeting, election of directors, reports of committees, etc. Polls will be open from 7:30 to 8:30. Only ACTIVE members, whose dues are paid, are eligible to vote. Dues for the ensuing year will be payable at this time, amount $2.00, and the secretary will be prepared to receive them. There are nine directors to be elected—six men and three women. Following is a list of candidates selected by the Nominating Committee:

Robert H. Lemon, Ray B. Boals, J. Dorr Hamlin, Hugh P. Currin, Paul G. Wiser, Elmer F. McBee, Doran S. McKee, Sterling F. Patterson, Frank P. Sipe, Edward P. Kremer, Louis W. Waldorf, Darwin E. Yoran, Hazel Stalsberg, Jane Hall, Nancy Hamlin, Florence Sims, Helen Smith, Arlene Brandt.

The Annual Picture Contest will be held October 3, 1944, at the Episcopal Church Parish Hall. Leave your enlargements with Adeline Adams, 1939 Alder St. Judging will be by popular vote, the same as last year. Cash prizes will be awarded.

Help to carry on while our boys are fighting for us—so don’t forget this important meeting and dinner data.

Helen Smith, Secretary

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