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A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to All


Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, December, 1945 No. 10

Santiam Pass Lodge To Open December 15th BOB LYON

The big skiing news of this season is the reopening, after three winters of inactivity, of the Santiam Pass Lodge which will make it possible for the skiers of the Willamette and Deschutes valleys to have hospitality and comfortable accommodations when they ski at the Hoodoo Bowl. The lodge, situated 105 miles from Eugene, will be operated by Art and Mary Boeschen, Chemeketans of Salem, under the general supervision of the Central Cascade Recreational Council and the Forest Service. The standard holiday and weekend lodging rate will be $1.00 for those bringing their own sleeping bags. Special rates will be given to groups applying in advance for accommodations during the non-holiday midweek period—Sunday through Thursday. Meals will fall within the range of 40c to $1.00 for breakfast, 50c to $1.00 for lunch and 75c to $1.75 for dinner. Ski equipment and accessories will be on sale at the lodge, and rentals can be had at $1.50 per day for skis and poles, $1.75 for skis, poles and boots, and 75c for boots alone.

The highway department is doing a good job of clearing the road and providing parking space. Ed Thurston will have tows running in both the bowl and on the hill near the lodge. For reservations write to Art Boeschen, Santiam Pass Lodge, Box 686, Sisters, Oregon.


The board has authorized a committee of three consisting of Frank Sipe, Sterling Patterson, and Bob Lyon, to prepare the revised constitution for reprinting.

New Years Party

Begin right now to think up that whopper for the Annual Liar’s Contest, because our traditional New Years Party is to be held at McCredie Springs Dec. 31st and Jan. 1st.

Please park your parkas and skis at the door ’cause there’s going to be some feasting and dancing and skiing (even some swimming) and some story telling the like of which you never saw before.

There will be a midnight lunch, breakfast and a turkey dinner. If you don’t care to ski the swimming pool will be available. Dormitory facilities will be provided, but bring your own sleeping bag or bedding. Cost will be $3.75 per person.

Sign up at Hendershott’s by Dec. 27th. See you there!

Upper Willamette Wiinter Sports Area OMAR GULLION

The Upper Willamette Winter Sports Area embraces about 40 acres on the southwest side of McFarland Butte, and lies both in the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests, north of the highway. The elevation runs from 5,200 to 6,500 feet with all degrees of slope.

In 1940 one ski run was cleared by public cooperation. Roy Temple, then of Cascade Summit now of McCredie Springs, with the help of two good men, pulled out the trees and piled the logs. Men, women, boys and girls from almost every town in the county came to help burn the brush on Sundays. There were fifty present one day. The run is roughly 1,000 feet long and about 70 feet wide at its widest place. Well it’s steep enough when you have to figure on miss-

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Our winter outing is planned for January 20th to 24th and is to be held at Santiam Pass Lodge where our friends from summer camp Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boeschen open December 15th. The Lodge should be operating nicely by that time and the skiing conditions at Hoodoo Bowl excellent.

We are co-operating with the Forest Services’ desires that as many as can, come during the first part of the week.

If anyone wishes to go up the Saturday ahead of the regular party please let someone on the Outing Committee know so they can count you in their group for reservations since we can get rates for 15 or more. With this number lodging is 80c per night. Meals should average around $2.25 to $3.00 for the day.

Let’s not forget the dates—Jan. 20 to 24—and take advantage of the first opportunity in several years of enjoying our Winter outing.

Contact Ray Sims in charge of transportation.

Attention Skiers

After all arrangements were made by the ski committee and Obsidian Board, the Greyhound Bus Company called Ray Sims on November 28th and said that they would have to cancel all arrangements for ski buses at present.

Most Obsidians will say “oooh” my tires won’t stand many trips to Hoodoo, The Willamette, Marys Peak or even that “gate blocked McKenzie”.

Their intentions are to let us know when busses are again available.

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