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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, March, 1945 No. 6

17th Annual Summer Camp

The outing committee, with the Board’s approval, have scheduled the 17th annual summer camp to be held from August 5th to 19th inclusive.

The campsite is to be at Obsidian Camp, 4½ miles from Frog Camp on the skyline trail—the same site as the very first camp in 1928. This is the closest possible site to Eugene (tho also very popular), so as many as possible may attend.

The registration sheet is already posted on the board at Hendershott’s as the committee urges the members to plan and sign up early.

It will be necessary to turn in ration stamps, both red and blue, so start saving them now; and turn them over to the committee before they expire. They can be used to buy many items before camp time. Early registration will also help in planning the camp and all details early.

We invite other outing club members to plan to be with us or to make climbs with us. The Chemeketans are planning a Skyline trail trip to wind up at our camp.

Full prospectus will appear in May Bulletin.

So sign up early, or see a member of the committee: Bob Lemon, Sterling Patterson, Helen Smith, Helen Weiser or Ray Sims.

Save the dates, your money, ration stamps, films, gas, and your energy for Summer Camp!

Rummage Sale

The Princesses will hold a rummage sale during May. Save your rummage and watch for the date.

Valentine Party

Almost 50 members and their friends enjoyed the Valentine party at the Y.W.C.A. Thursday, Feb. 15.

A potluck dinner at 6:30 started off the evening. This was followed by a couple of reels of pictures and a group of colored slides that had been procured from the Mazama club in Portland. These pictures had been taken by various Mazama members on their trip around Mt. Hood last summer. The descriptions by two of our members, Thelma Watson and Louis Waldorf, who were among those on the trek around the mountain made them especially interesting. Doran McKee was also with the Mazamas.

After a couple of games appropriate to the occasion, the group spent the evening dancing.

The party was arranged by Roxie Waldorf, Thelma Watson, Paul Campbell and the chairman, Doris Sims.

Thank You, Mazamas

The Obsidians are most grateful to Mazama members for making it possible to view pictures of the Mazama trip around Mt. Hood and their summer outing.

This was made possible by Don Onthank’s efforts in assembling, packing and mailing two reels of movies by Fred Huntress; and colored slides taken by Francis Kies, Lambert Florin, and Herb Barrett. About 40 members and friends enjoyed the evening’s trip around Mt. Hood.

Is your bulletin addressed correctly? If not, notify the editor or club secretary.

Want To Join?

A lot of people would probably like to join the Obsidians but just do not know how or that they are welcome.

Any person of good character who is in sympathy with the objects of the club may become an associate member by filling out an application and payment of initial membership fee and a year’s dues, total $5.00.

After making three hikes, designated as qualifying by Local Walks committee, or climbing a major peak, one may become an active member.

Annual dues are $3.00. Junior membership (under 18) and dues, $1.00.

The Obsidians have physical assets of several thousand dollars. Becoming a member one has an equal share with other members in the use of these.

New Three Sisters Booklet

May I call to the attention of all Obsidians a publication that has recently appeared—“Volcanoes of the Three Sisters Region, Oregon Cascades.” This paper is written by Howel Williams, and gives in considerable detail the results of field work he did in the area a few years ago. Several maps and drawings, together with some excellent aerial photographs, aid much in understanding the text material. It is a small booklet, easily carried in one’s pocket or pack, and should be fascinating reading to the Obsidian who often wishes to know the why and wherefore of the various hills and lava flows of the Sisters area. If you believe in the Mt. Multnomah theory, however, you may not like the publication, as this theory is completely discredited.

—Frank Sipe, President

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