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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, May, 1945 No. 7

Summer Camp At Obsidian Camp, August 5 to 19


The seventeenth annual summer outing of the Obsidians will be held from August 5th to 19th, 1945 at Obsidian Camp on the Skyline Trail. The location is the same as the very first camp, held in 1928.

The site is four and one half miles from Frog Camp, at the junction of the Obsidian and the Skyline Trails. It is on a low ridge with a cold stream on either side, just below a plateau on which lies a small lake for swimming.

The camp is at the foot of the Middle Sister, with all the major peaks of the Sisters Area available for climbing.


To reach the camp, go by car or bus to Frog Camp on the McKenzie Highway, seventy five miles east of Eugene, hike south on the Obsidian Trail (which will be marked), crossing the lava beds, White Branch Creek, and OVER the Obsidian Cliffs to the camp site, at the junction with the Skyline Trail.

If you like the great outdoors, take this trip for both weeks. You can climb mountains, fish, swim, hike in mountain meadows, play soft ball or just be lazy for two weeks.


Two weeks, members, $30.00; non-members, $35.00.

One week, members, $20.00; non-members, $25.00.

One day, members, $3.00; non-members, $3.25.

Each person will be required to furnish one pound of sugar for the two weeks, and to turn over red and blue ration points covering two weeks allotment, to the committee. Since the buying of

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Board Notes - March to May

The resignation of Jane Hall as secretary and member of the board, because of moving from Eugene, was accepted by the board at its March meeting. Arlene Brant was elected by the board to succeed her.

Bill Van Vactor was elected as an active member. He has been on several trips and is taking an active part in the Aircraft Rescue Unit.

Eight members who were in arrears more than the current year’s dues were dropped for nonpayment.

Action was taken by the board to support the bill, in Congress, sponsored by the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs to protect the Newbury lava flow and lava cast forest from mineral exploitation. An article will be found elsewhere in the bulletin on this subject.

Dorr Hamlin was authorized to write to our congressmen and senators, endorsing or opposing various bills in Congress, called to our attention by E. J. Hughes, President of the Federation.

Jane Hall Transferred

Jane Hall has been transferred by the State Welfare Board to Hood River. At the March meeting of the board, held at the Waldorfs, a farewell party was held for her by board members wives and husbands, with Lilian Boals and Roxie Waldorf as hostesses. She left on March 23rd for her new job, with the best wishes of all.

President’s Message

One could spend many hours, or parts of many days, in the Obsidian camp area this August, just watching the play of light and shade about the majestic peaks. If one should weary of this, or of hiking, there remains a most fascinating challenge in the unique wild life; the trees, flowers, birds and animals. “How many new acquaintances can I make among the native citizens of this high country” might be a challenge to at least some campers. Who are some of the native citizens? Well, here are a few: Rosy Paint Brush, Hairy Paint Brush, Partridge Foot, Tolmies Saxifrage, Pasque Flower, White Heather, Red Heather, Brewers Monkey Flower, Penstemons (Rock Penstemon, Davidsons Penstemon, Wood Penstemon), Dwarf Hulsea, Larsens Collomia, Jacobs Ladder; then the trees, the twisted White Bark Pine, the shady Hemlock, and the heaven pointing Alpine fir, to be found only far from the haunts of man. Nor is there a lack of birds and other animals, tho there is lack of space here to put down their names. May those whose rare privilege it is to spend even a few days in this quiet retreat, make at least a few new friends among the natives. —FRANK SIPE

New Prospective Member

A prospective junior male member arrived this month at the home of Tony Vogel and wife. Tony thinks he will be a skier.

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