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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, July, 1945 No. 8

Final Dope on Camp

Summer camp is practically here; and before we move in on August 5 for our two weeks of unrestrained pleasure, the committee adds a few informative notes.

The announced prices do not include transportation of persons to Frog Camp. The committee will assist in arranging transportation.

We have a packer, we have a cook, and we have the food; but we can not get it out of hock without the cash and points. So turn in your checks and points to any member of the committee PROMPTLY.

Six Chemeketans will be with us for dinner Saturday the 11th of August; and we will have a joint climb of the North Sister August 12. The rest of their group will come in on that day and on Monday the 13th they start a one week pack horse trip north from our camp to Mt. Jefferson.

A tentative schedule of trips from camp is being made up and will be posted about the time you get this bulletin. Climbs are planned of all three of the Sisters peaks and the Husband. Schedules will be subject to adjustment at campfire sessions.

Registration is booming, with a total of forty-nine as we go to press, including one-weekers and week-enders. There will be at least 30 in camp the entire time. A number of people have been “on the fence” regarding the outing and it is time for decisions. All your friends will be there and it will be pretty lonesome in Eugene those two weeks. The registration list is at Hendershotts, complete with pencil for signing.

All baggage (properly packed for pack horses) must be deliv-

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Thanks Ranger!

It was a newly cleared forest trail that greeted the party of ten for the climb of Hardesty mountain. A clean trail like this, free from over-growing brush and the debris and trees of winter storms, adds much to the pleasure of any trip.

The trail up Hardesty is “mostly down hill”—when you I return; but it is is a beautiful trip both ways.

The 3rd of June seemed an ideal time for it. Rising to an altitude of 4,266 feet, the trail took one through Summer, to early Spring. Past rhododendrons already withered, then in full bloom, and only in bud, one came upon flowering currant, lady slippers, triliums and avalanche lilies in their prime. The vine maple in its bright yellow green foliage shone in the occasional sunburst like maiden hair fern. The three-leaf sorrel each with a pearl of dew resembled the finest costume jewelry.

Closeby peaks, Mt. June, Eagles Rest and Patterson and others beckoned us. In the distance, Diamond Peak, Mt. Yoran, Maiden Peak, The Bachelor and The Sisters, partially veiled in changing clouds intrigued the eye. A full hour and a half were spent on the summit. Some bouquets were taken on the return, as well as several rhododendron roots.

When we returned to the cars, we hardly realized that we had hiked 11½ miles including the 4,266 foot climb. Clifford Stalsberg was the able leader.

Aircraft Rescue

The aircraft rescue unit is now known as the Willamette Air Rescue Patrol and is prepared to function in Summer as well as Winter.

Plan Now for Picture Contest

The library committee, sponsors of our annual photo contest, urge that members keep the contest in mind this summer. Select some good subject and have your enlargements made EARLY while enlargement paper is available.

Due to limitation on trips, any photos, otherwise qualifying, taken by members in former years NOT PREVIOUSLY ENTERED may be offered this year.

The committee is Mrs. Robt. Lemon, Mrs. Roy F. Smith, Miss Dorothy Hallee and Mrs. Hazel Stalsberg, chairman.

Federation Annual Meeting

The Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs annual meeting will be held over Labor Day at California Alpine Club but on Mt. Tamalapias near San Francisco. Any member who could go as delegate, please notify Dorr Hamlin, vice-president for Oregon.

Week Enders at Camp

Any who come in for a week end and are not signed with the committee will have to bring own food and equipment. Other week enders will be provided for as advised when making arrangements with committee. You may need to bring cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon.

E. A. Britton Returns To Eugene

After several years in Roseburg E. A. Britton has returned to Eugene as County Juvenile officer. “Britt” was an early member of the club and a “chief”. We hope that he may again join in the club’s activities.

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