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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, September, 1945 No. 9

Annual Meeting of F.W.O.C.

The war and gas rationing ended just in time for the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs to have a real Labor-Day-weekend convention.

For the past three years the conventions have been only “skeleton” meetings and only one day, not in the mountains.

This year it was held at the California Alpine Club lodge on Mt. Tamalpais, across the bay to the north of San Francisco.

Dorr Hamlin attended as Vice-president for Oregon and Louis Waldorf as delegate and Roxie Waldorf as a guest member.

There were about 60 present and they were entertained royally by the hosts, with both fine food and entertainment.

Reports were made of a great deal of good work done by our president, E. J. Hughes, the state vice-presidents and other officers; also of war activities of member clubs.

Many important items of impending national legislation, vital to conservation and outdoor people were discussed and made the subject of resolutions. A report of these will be made at our annual meeting.

We were honored by the presence and talks of Newton B. Drury, Director of National Parks, and Chester Morris, Assistant Regional Forester for the area, in charge of Recreation. Both pointed out the need for much needed maintenance and improvement work in the National Parks and Forests; and urged the support of the Federation and member clubs of substantial appropriations direct to these services for this work. This had the unanimous approval of the delegates.

As planned at the beginning of the war, next year’s hosts will

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Let’s Go!

Now that the war’s end has ended gas rationing, the Local Walks Committee are scheduling some very interesting trips. Watch the schedule, Guard, and bulletin board and come out when you can. Drive your own car your share of the time as it is still hard for other “A card” holders to replace their tires.

Board Notes

Seven new members were elected in August and September as noted elsewhere in the Bulletin, under “New Members”.

Four members delinquent on dues for more than the current year, were dropped for non-payment. Action was postponed on one member who had expressed her intention of paying up back dues.

New Members

Since our last issue, the following new members have been added to our rolls: Lloyd Gust, Wayne Bailey, Alice Olmstead, Ernie Ruberg, Evaline Pihl, Betty Alexander, Marjorie Allingham.

If you know of any who are interested, ask the bulletin editor to send them copies; and give their names to the membership committee.


All members should attend the annual meeting and dinner on Tuesday, October 2. (Boys in the service, just try to get here!) Your guests are welcome. Of course, non-members cannot take part in the meeting or vote.

If you have not made your reservations with the Secretary, do it at once—Arlene Brant, phone 4136-M.

Successful Summer Camp

The Obsidians held their 17th annual two weeks summer outing August 5th to 20th in the primitive area known as Obsidian Camp. The Obsidian trail and the Oregon Skyline trail meet at this point.

The campsite has a cold spring creek on either side with colorfull meadows abounding in Paint-brush, Lupin, Mountain Heather and many other blossoms.

Nearby stand the Middle Sister with the North and South not too far away. West of camp stood “Baby Brother”, known to the vacationers as the Penthouse. This place attracted many each evening, for there are grand views of the mountains from the top—also an ideal place for sunsets.

To the north one can see Mt. Washington, Jack, Jefferson and Hood, a grand panorama of ridges, valley and mountains.

An unusual experience of the outing was the electric storm on Tuesday, August 7th. A party of 15 returning from a climb of Husband Mt. were caught in a clump of trees as lightning struck the trees with terrific force, scattering large and small fragments of tree over a large area, but missing the party. One tree caught on fire but the rain and hail extinguished the blaze before more damage was done. We arrived in camp a bit soaked, where a good campfire proved most welcome.

Several climbs were made of the Three Sisters. On Thursday, August 9, 12 went up the North with Ray Sims. A group of Boy Scouts passed us on their way up the Middle under the leadership of Bob Moffitt and Bob Mc-

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