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Volume VIII Eugene, Oregon, December, 1946 No. 1

Obsidians to Sponsor Ski Meet

At a special meeting of the board on October 22, it was decided to ask PNSA sanction for organizing an all-Oregon, Class B, downhill and slalom ski tournament for both men and women to be held on Hoodoo ski bowl. Sanction was granted and a favorable date, Sunday, February 23, was set. Art Boeschen, operator of Santiam Pass lodge has pledged his cooperation and will give reduced rates to contestants. Paul Lafferty and the ski committee will have charge of organizing the meet.

The Climb of Mt. Jefferson

The best way to climb mountains is from a Summer Camp and then when a group like this year’s twelve who climbed on Friday of the first week, takes sixteen and a half hours to climb to the summit and back, of rugged old Mt. Jefferson, they have a good camp to welcome them back.

The climb to the top of the pinnacle was really ont the thrill but the trip back. Coming back across Whitewater glacier in the moonlight and then sliding, stumbling and climbing over cliffs in the dark, getting down to the park, was the highlight of the climb.

The going was slow and the snow-field was large below the pinnacle this year, and with falling rocks a real hazard, it took time to cross to the big rock pinnacle, which was not reached till after two.

The pinnacle was rugged with many large falling rocks, which endangered the party, and it was five-thirty before all were up and back to the red saddle.

A dim flashlight seen from camp after we had spotted their camp fire, was interpreted to mean S.O.S. So as it took us a long time to reach the park, those in camp had hurried first aid supplies—as we had done once before in 1939—over to meet us as we came off the mountain, only to

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Safety Rules For Skiers

At the annual P.N.S.A. meeting, Lyle St. Louis, ski patrolman of the Mountaineers, gave four rules which if followed would serve materially in reducing ski accidents:

1. Take lessons from a competent instructor.

2. Belong to a ski club.

3. Ski with a person who can ski well.

4. Help the stranger on the slopes to improve, if you yourself can ski safely.

Winter Outing

The club plans to have a winter outing, sometime in the late winter. Watch the paper and bulletin board for developments.

Middle Sister Climb

The “tenderfoot” climb of the Middle Sister was made by a small crowd of twenty-six on the 14th of July under the leadership of Ray Sims, and Bill McCracken, Jr.

The snow was exceptionally deep at Sunshine shelter but the whole group was able to find enough open ground to “bed down for the night.” The party was away from Sunshine by five and as the going was all on snow, the West side route was taken as the party ascended above the valley of Camp Scott. Fog blew across the top of the mountain and hardly anything could be seen from the very cold summit. It was the first mountain for many, and all expressed the desire to climb again when the SUN SHINES. Those on the climb: Dorothy Halle, Arlene Brant, Ernest Keasling, Ray Cavagnaro, Edna Temple, Ray Temple, Don Temple, Phyllis Hixon, Bill McCracken, Jr., Cal Smith, Mary Jones, Sigrid Skade, John Banks, Dean Fosnaugh, Dick Swennes, Dale Gilson, Ward Haymes, D. Brown, Norman Richards., Leonard Ray, Vernon Roberts, Ted Hansen, Alice Kingman, Mac Cox and Ray Sims.

Skiers’ Informant

The Skiers’ Informant, which was approved for five years as the official publication of the Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA) will again be edited by Fred McNeil. There will be ten full sized editions of the paper this season. It is available to Obsidians and other PNSA club members at 50c. Others pay $1.00. Club subscriptions will be sent in by Bob Lyon. Give him your order now.

Obsidians Elect Officers

Officers and committee chairmen were elected at the October Board meeting.

At this meeting four new members were approved: Junior: Maynard Meadows, Lucile Gilson. Senior Active: Phyllis Hixon, Virginia Tompkins. Jean Lafferty was reinstated as an active member.

The business of the board included:

1. Instructing Ski Committee to consider and report on ways in which prospective Junior members could qualify for membership.

2. Asking Membership committee to report on members whose dues are delinquent.

3. Approval of payment of annual dues to P.N.S.A. and C.C.R.C.

4. Appointment of Paul Lafferty and Dorr Hamlin to work with Treasurer Bub Lemon on investigation of investment possibilities.

6. Designation of second Monday as the regular meeting night.

Fuji Climbed

Twenty-four hiked to the top of Fuji mountain, 7,132 feet, Sunday, Sept. 29, with never more beautiful autumn weather to be had. Wayne Bailey led the group up over the long ridges to the summit where surrounding peaks were noted and named—although the haze was heavy. The cool waters of Salt Creek were very satisfying after the long hike.

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