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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, February, 1946 No. 11

Jefferson Park To Be Summer Camp Site

Beautiful Jefferson Park, with its many mountain lakes and colorful meadows, is to be the Obsidian Summer camp site for the two weeks of August 4th to 18th, 1946.

Twice before, in 1935 and again in 1939, successful camps have been held there, and it was with nearly unanimous opinion that this years camp be in Oregon’s most famous natural park again.

The Park with its level terrain and “walled in” sides, has that big 10,495 foot Mt. Jefferson on its South boundary, which stands there with its challenging pinnacles and large glaciers, just beckoning for climbers. There are many more interesting trips in store also.

The Outing committee is already working out the details of the camp and information may be had from the members who are: Sterling Patterson, Chairman, Bailey Castelloe, Helen Weiser, Ernie Ruberg and Ray Sims.


A most pleasant surprise greeted Obsidians at the first practice dance session on Friday, January 18. That was the combination of CHESTER PIETKA PLAYING THE ACORDION AND OLGA MORTENSEN PLAYING THE PIANO. Everybody stomped with glee. We thank Chester for his wonderful treat and are very happy to see him back in Eugene. Our thanks also to Olga for her piano playing and dance instruction, to Dr. Gullion for his record box and dance instruction, and to Doris Sims and her committee for the welcome refreshments and for starting the weekly dances again.

Cross Country Ski Trip

The grandeur and beauty of thick fir limbs drooping under the weight of heavy snow and the silent trail that the nine Obsidian skiers traveled over on that “much publicized” trip that Harold led, was worth all of the sore muscles that appeared the next day.

Upon leaving the Willamette playground at straight up noon,

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Junior Ski Meet at Santiam

A ski meet for junior boys with both downhill and slalom events will be held in the Hoodoo Bowl on Sunday, February 24. This will be a closed meet open only to members of the clubs making up the Central Cascade Recreational Council. This meet is being sponsored by the Bend Skyliners and will be run according to N.S.A. rules which defines a junior for competition classification in downhill and slalom as one who has not yet reached his nineteenth birthday on January 1st of the year in which he is competing. Attractive prizes will be awarded. Entry blanks are now available at Hendershott’s and Eugene High School. This is the first junior meet since before the war to be sanctioned by the C.C.R.C. and consequently the field will be made up entirely of novice skiers. Other clubs of the C.C.R.C. will appoint members to work with the meet officials and make suggestions for future meets. The events will be run in full view of the bowl so that spectators will be able to watch the entire race from start to finish. This meet will provide a proving ground for the junior of this zone who will want to enter the P.N.S.A. junior four-way championship at Mount Hood on March 2nd and 3rd.

Winter Outing Scheduled For March 24th to 28th

The dates for our second Winter Outing, to be held at Santiam Lodge, are Sunday, March 24th to Wednesday, March 28th, inclusive. Rather, our first outing would be more correct as the scheduled first had to be cancelled.

There are some six to ten already planning on the March dates and it is hoped that a large group will sign up at Hendershott’s before the middle of March. In view of the tremendous snowfall in the mountains this year we cannot fail to have perfect skiing conditions (in spite of Mr. Groundhog’s prediction). It should be a lot of fun just to go up and relax in the white stillness even if you don’t ski.

Going up in our own cars, it should be easier to return in a shorter time if one could not stay the full four days, and several are planning this way.

The cost is estimated at from $15.00 to $16.00 for the four days or around $3.75 per day for all expenses including transportation. However, this does not include use of the ski tow. This will be about $1.00 per day.

It will be necessary for each one to take his sleeping bag. An early sign-up would help in making our reservations. The dates: March 24th to 28th, inclusive. The place: Santiam Lodge.

Skiers Informants

The Ski Committee recently announced that over a hundred subscriptions have been sent in for the Skiers Informant, official publication of the P.N.S.A. It has been suggested that we begin taking subscriptions for next season at our annual meeting.

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