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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, April, 1946 No. 12

Jefferson Park Site of Obsidian Summer Camp, August 4 to 18, 1946


The eighteenth annual summer camp will be held in beautiful Jefferson Park from August 4th to 18th, 1946. This is the time of year to actually begin the planning of spending those two weeks in this grand wonderland.


From Eugene, one travels by way of Jefferson, Mill City, Detroit, Breitenbush Hot Springs to Breitenbush Lake, where the cars are left with the Ranger. Here take the Skyline trail five easy miles (no lava beds) to the Park.

Camp will be established near good clear mountain water with that big Mt. Jefferson rising right from the floor of the valley, where also abound seven or eight cold mountain lakes, beside Russell Lake which affords swimming as well as fishing.

This large natural park with its many varieties of subjects will accomodate all types of campers, with the many colorful flowers in these high mountain meadows, hikes, picture taking, exploring to the bottom of the great canyon at the East end of the park and then the ultimate climb of this 10,495 foot Mt. Jefferson.


The cost of two weeks outing for members $37.50.

Non members $39.50.

One week Member $20. Non member $25.

Day rates will be Member $3.50. Non member $4.

This includes packing from Breitenbush lake of all food and dunnage and all meals in the park.

A cook and helper will be fur-

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Please send all correspondence—letters, cards, bulletins, etc., to the secretary, Arlene Brant, 43 E. 15th St., Eugene Oregon.

Dinner Meeting May 24

A dinner meeting will be held by the Obsidian Club on Friday, May 24, in the Oriental Room at the Osburn Hotel. Earl A. Britton, Lane County Juvenile Officer, will speak on the organization’s beginnings. covering the events which led to the formation in 1927 of the Eugene Outdoor Club. In addition, Paul Lafferty will show a group of moving pictures which he collected while in the service. Louis Waldorf will be Master of Ceremonies. Tickets will be $1.50 and may be obtained at Hendershott’s, from Thelma Watson at Russell’s, or from the princesses.

March 24

Because of rain the scheduled hike of Mt. Pisgah turned out to be a motor trip over the country South and West of Eugene.

Starting out at 11th and Willamette at 1:30 p. m., the party first circled Spencer Butte by way of Alder Street, then continued on the Fox Hollow road to the Wolf Creek Cut-off and then journeyed over to the Fern Ridge Dam. The water at the dam was found to be quite low, and after parking the car along the road the group hiked over to the edge of the water. The fishermen at the lake furnished some excitement for the group by landing three catfish. Return to Eugene was made by way of West 11th. Those making the trip were Ford Northrop, Bob Northrop, Hazel Northrop, Melba Bavaro, Wayne Helikson, and Lloyd Helikson, leader.

Castle Rock To Be Climbed Again

May 12 will find early risers on their way up to McKenzie Bridge, then on a forest service road to the trail which leads up Castle Rock, where they will take off in shirts ’n shorts (?) ’n boots for a good old climb. The trail up to the top is clear (no obstacle course) and there will be lots of wild flowers and interesting forest scenery. And the sun will be shining so rub some “Elizabeth Larden” on your brow. Don’t put up too much lunch as you’ll want to have room for that steak the size of a table top and that banana split at Phil’s Phine Phoods. Watch local news sheet for time of leaving.

Ski Patrol Fares Well

Harold Trotter reports that a total of $417.00 was collected in the recent Ski Patrol Drive; $199.00 at Hoodoo, $97.00 at Willamette, $70.00 here in Eugene, and $51.00 by other clubs of the Council, the Tekenas, Suskis, and Hellonskis. 40% of the $199.00 goes to the National Ski Patrol. 60% of it goes to the Central Cascade Recreational Council, half of which the Council keeps to purchase first aid equipment at the Santiam Ski Area, and half of which is divided three ways among the Santiam, Bend, and Willamette Ski Patrols.

Jackie Bogan Shines At Ski Meet

Jackie Bogan placed second in both the class C slalom and downhill events in the Oregon class B and C women’s ski championships staged at Mt. Hood, April 14. Her time in the slalom was 1:55.8, 64.8 (S)—2:00.6 and in the downhill 105.4.

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