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Volume VII Eugene, Oregon, July, 1946 No. 13

Summer Camp All Set

Summer camp in beautiful Jefferson Park, is but 2 weeks away, so it is time those last minute signers join the fine crowd who are already signed up and help the committee arrive at the AMOUNT of food needed. This is very important.

One item not mentioned before, is that each member turn in one pound of sugar for two weeks or one-half pound for a week. This can be turned in separately when the baggage is delivered to Bailey Castelloe, 1390 Oak St., before July 28th.

A cook has been engaged, the packers are being secured and the schedule for the two weeks is being worked out, so everything will be ready for the members to leave early on the morning of August 4th, drive to Breitenbush Lake, leave the cars with the Ranger, and hike into the Park.

This year’s camp will, as in other years, be across the meadow from the mountain, so big Mt. Jefferson with its inviting craigs and large snow-fields can always be visible.

Russell Lake is encountered upon entering the Park, so it will be of interest to know that it is a big lake and just right for swimming, especially after a climb.

Each person is to contact someone that is driving, so as to insure his transportation. Word has been received from Ned Graves, that possibly two other couples may come from California with him.

For last minute details, please contact some member of the committee, and don’t forget to have those dunnage bags securely tied for the pack trip.

Summer camp fees are to be paid when the baggage is delivered or by July 28th.

Sunshine Shelter On Skiis

With six foot of snow at Frog Camp and twelve foot at Sunshine shelter, nineteen Club members made this nine mile round trip on June 2nd, to revive the annual trip to the foot of the Three Sisters.

Thanks to the State Hiway crews, the skiers past thru Frog Camp at the early hour of six-thirty, altho the snow was slower than the “crowd” had been used to only a “few” months before, the going was made easier with an abundance of snow.

Bud Nasholm and the Juniors just headed for the Shelter and I don’t think hardly stopped, but the majority of the party headed by Harold Trotter took their time and viewed some of the grand scenery along the rugged route. It is an unusual sight to see the lava beds covered with

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New Members

Five Senior and five Junior members have been added to the membership list. They are Senior: Ray L. Cavagnaro, Ernest C. Keasling, Philip H. Edblom, James P. Harrang, and Kathryn Thompson; Junior: Jack Kerrebrock, Dean Fosnaugh, Gail M. Smith, Hartley Seeger, and Deane Seeger.

Bertie McKee Honored

A group of Obsidians and friends surprised Bertie McKee on her birthday Sunday, May 5 with a potluck picnic. The cars met at 2 p.m. and drove to the McKee home on Maple Drive in a group. Volleyball was the entertainment of the afternoon and potluck dinner was enjoyed in the evening. Bertie was presented with a silver sugar and cream set, also a beautifully decorated birthday cake which was served with ice cream.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernest Keasling, Don Temple, Bailey Castelloe, George Korn, Art Erickson, Edna Temple, Mary Castelloe, Roy Temple, Harold Trotter Bud Nasholm, John Nasholm, Doris Sims, Tom Donahue, Blaine McGillicuddy, Claude Brown.

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