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Volume VIII Eugene, Oregon, October, 1947 No. 5

Summer Camp Story

August 17th saw all of the two weekers return home from John Henry Lake, deep into the Wallowas, where the Obsidian summer camp for 1947 was held. All of the forty one persons attending declare this year’s camp between the Lostine and the North Minam rivers one of the most successful.

Most of the age old cars, bulging from overloads, saw some failure or another on the way, but all arrived by the last pack train on Monday of the first week. The sixteen mile road up the Lostine river was to the Lapover camp, where the packers started and also the hikers. Altho it was but four and a half miles by zig zag trail to the beautiful John Henry Lake, it did go over a mountain.

The camp was well set up by the committee and as Roy Temple was on that committee, it had that carpenter’s touch of “sturdiness”. Edna also received the praise of the campers in furnishing the usual good Obsidian menus.

Trips around the lake, to Flagstaff, to Lookout mountain, to Bald mountain, to the North Minam meadows, to Steamboat lake, Hazel lake, Loverty lakes, Bear and Hobo lakes took up most of the time and energy both of the hikers and also the fishermen.

And speaking of fishermen, they brought in so many fish, that some days they had to lay off.

The usual good camp fires at night were held and of course Dave Faville came through with another of his yearly songs about this year’s camp. I am sure it will also appear in print before long.

A few visitors stopped again this year, among them were Bill and Margaret Obertoffer of Portland and their two small dogs. They seemed to enjoy the camp and the Obsidians were glad to make their acquaintance. (Bill and M.).

Helen Smith is to be praised for scouting this year’s camp and heading a very good committee, for without a good committee there would be no camp.

Our President arrived the second week to make “Camp Lyon”, official,

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Annual Picture Contest

Members of the Library Committee are now working on plans and rules for the Annual Photo Contest. Announcement of the date and place will be made at the Annual Meeting, October 7th.

In order that members may start snaking their selections for entry, here are a few of the rules:

Any member of the Obsidian Club may submit prints.

All must be enlarged to at least 5x7 and on suitable mount.

Pictures will be classified in the following divisions:

1. Landscape

2. Plant and Animal Life

3. Human Interest

4. Snow Scenes or Skiing

All pictures taken in the past or previous years on Obsidian trips are acceptable.

For further information see any member of the Library Committee:

Ray Boals
Dorothy Halle
Mildred Vaughan
Ward Haynes
Doris Sims

Shopping With Louis

“I walked up Willamette Street the other day—found a new acquaintance at 663, Proudfoot’s Shoe Repair, who fixes a lot of shoes for Obsidians. He’s a ski patrolman, too. Went across to the Jack Lamb Film Shop and found that it is now called Coburn’s—the new owner. Next I stopped at Hendershott’s. Harold was busy checking in new ski equipment. Then I stopped at Miller’s and saw their new White Stag ski togs. Some Glad Rags!

Up the street I found Wiltshire’s have some of the cameras we have been looking for. Dot Dotson was out of his shop but he had a lot of new camera equipment and the finishing room was busy. Then I took my ad copy over to Shelton-Turnbull’s where you can always get good printing.

Oh yes, these are all advertisers in the Bulletin. Read their ads and patronize them.—L. W. W.

Ski Patrol Jamboree

The first All-Oregon ski patrol jamboree and picnic was held at Mary’s Peak on Sunday, September 21 under the auspices of the Willamette Ski Patrol. The affair attracted better than 200 ski enthusiasts including more than thirty Obsidians. The program under the direction of Ski Patrol Section Chief, George Korn, provided fun and thrills for all. Feature event was the flight of seven CAP planes from Eugene which exhibited remarkable skill dropping parcels on the target. Fun a-plenty was had from the up and down hill slalom ski races. First place in the women’s division was captured by Virginia Tomkins, Obsidian; in the men’s division Paul Hosmer, Suski, took first; and the first place in the couples race was Mazamas and Wy-east clubs. Cynthia and Homer were also there and won by Eleanor and Ralph Weise of took off on an “instructional mission in the principles and techniques” of homing for the benefit of two new members of the roost. Featured guest of the program was L. B. Macnab, Chief of the Pacific Northwestern division of the National Ski Patrol System, upon whom was con-

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Ned Graves Visits

Ned Graves, professional photographer from Carmel, California, who attended the 1945 Summer Outing at Obsidian Camp, was welcomed by his fellow campers at a meeting held at the Community Center Saturday, September 13. Ned put on a show with his colored slides, which he travels to all the principal wilderness areas and national parks to shoot. He showed views of the Grand Canyon, Mt. Shasta, desert flowers and many others, climaxing with pictures of his own home town, Carmel, and of Monterey, and some extraordinary shots of moonrise and its reflection. His pictures of the Three Sisters area were more familiar to the audience.

Ned was the guest of Ray and Doris Sims while here, and he joined the Collier Glacier hikers the next day.

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