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Volume VIII Eugene, Oregon, December, 1947 No. 6

New Years Party

The New Year’s party will be at Odell Summit Lodge at the southwest corner of Odell Lake on the Willamette highway. Drive to the parking area and take the boat across the lake or ski in by the Odell summit road.

The party begins about 9 o’clock New Year’s Eve with dancing, games, cards, ski skit (written by George Korn), liar’s contest, and plenty of good food. The next day’s events will be an all Obsidian ski event, and trip to Eagles Rock on the skyline trail back to the lodge for the banquet.

The cost for the lodgings are as follows: Bed in lodge or cabin with linen furnished $10.00; bunk bed with your own sleeping bag $9.00; boat house with your own sleeping bag $8.00. This includes your meals. For the banquet New Year’s Day only about $2.50.

Annual Meeting

Earl Britton, “Britt” to Obsidians, will head the club for the year 1947-48. Britt serves Eugene as Veterans Agriculture Instructor and you may listen to him every morning at 6:30, over KUGN, where he is Farm Service Director. When informed of his appointment, Britt was very much pleased and said he felt it was an honor to serve his friends in this capacity.

The business of the Annual meeting was conducted very efficiently by Bob Lyon, President, whose retiring speech praised the members themselves for their cooperation and participation in helping the Obsidians to attain a place of considerable importance in the circle of Outdoor clubs.

Treasurer Bob Lemon reported that the club finances for the year were well balanced, with an investment of $1,500.00 in First Federal Savings and Loan Association.

Out of the routine reports came a few interesting facts. Wayne Bailey reported forty-two trips were scheduled for the year and 33 completed, with 38 people the largest number in attendance on any hike. The Civil Air Patrol accompanied

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Photo Winners

In the annual photo contest held on Nov. 3, Bertha Deckman carried off the lioness’ share of prizes: 1st and 2nd for snow; 2nd and 3rd for geological; and the grand prize with one of Mt. Washington. Myrtie Hamlin took 1st on geological; 2nd and 3rd in human interest; and 3rd in snow. Mary Castelloe had 1st in human interest; and Ray Boals, Virginia Tompkins and Bailey Castelloe took 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively in the landscape classification.

Colored slide winners were: Bailey Castelloe, 1st; Ray Sims, 2nd and 3rd. The committee in charge were Ray Boals, Ward Haynes, Mildred Vauughn and Doris Sims, chairman.

Board Meetings

Our newest members:

Senior Active—Hazel Harnsberger, Willis Caldwell, Emil Settlage, Ronald Pupke, Herbert G. Kariel, Hermie Kroeger.

Senior Associate—Helen McGillicuddy, Jo Ort, A. B. Davis, Chelton Leonard, Saul Zaik, Jim Desinger, Bill Vranizan, Jim Donahue, Dan Riedel, Connie Jackson, William H. Byrd, Jim Popp, Bob Forbes, Harriett Roberts.

Junior—Tom Temple.

Members resigning recently—Charles Wiper, Tom Wiper, Gladys McCrary, Gordon Gullion, Martha McMaster, James and Helen McKevitt, Mabel Currin and Brian Gillespie.

COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN—Are invited to every board meeting, in compliance with this policy expressed by the new board at their

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C. C. R. C.

At the last Cascade Recreational Council meeting, Geo. Henderson, Pres. of P.N.S.A. explained the new rules for classification of skiers, and the method of timing and recording races. Complete details may be found in a future issue of Skiers’ Informant.

The Council recommended hiring Phil Peoples to give free ski instruction to all members of clubs that belong to the council.

Obsidian Winter Schedule Local Walks and Ski

Dec. 14—Hoodoo Bowl—Jere Gillis Memorial Dedication and Junior Boys downhill and slalom meet. Leaders George Korn and Gilbert Bissell.

Greenery—Dr. Gullion.

Dec. 20-21—Sunshine Shelter and Middle Sister—Especially for Junior Obsidians and ex-10th division men. Leader, Paul Lafferty.

Jan. 1—Ski Fiesta in cooperation with the entertainment committee and New Year’s Party. Leaders to be announced.

Jan. 4—Mt. Hood-Trail Races. Classes A, B, C.

Jan. ll—JasperHills. Bob Lemon, Leader.

Jan. 18—McKenzie area. Bailey Castelloe, Leader.

Jan. 25—Beacon Hill. Roxie Waldorf and Helen Weiser, Leaders.

Feb. 1—Willamette area—County Ski Fair. George Korn, Leader.

Feb. 8—Coast Trip. Glen Sims and Darwin Yoran, Leaders.

Feb. 15—Hoodoo Bowl.

Feb. 22—Mt. Hood—(Double Holiday)—Giant Slalom, Class C.

Pisgah from South. Frank Sipe, Leader.

Feb. 29—Obsidian All-Oregon Class C and Junior, downhill and slalom—Hoodoo Bowl.

Mar. 7—Seavey’s Butte. Paul Weiser and Verne Granger, Leaders.

Bogus Basin—National Junior Championship. John Skillern and Bruce Chase, Leaders.

Mar. 14—Mt. Hood—Class B, PNSA Men’s Championship, Downhill and slalom.

Mar. 21—Spencer Butte. Lloyd Helickson, Leader.

Mar. 24 to 31—Tentative date for winter outing.

Shutter Bugs Meet Jan. 14

The camera committee announce that they have secured a reservation at the Community Center on Wed., Jan. 14 for the initial meeting of the camera enthusiasts. If you have problems, bring them and we will try to get the solutions. We will have an expert at this first meeting and maybe some tip top slides. Plans will be made for future meetings, and complete committee announced.

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