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Volume VIII Eugene, Oregon, May, 1947 No. 3


Little Switzerland of America To Be Site of Obsidian Camp -- August 3 to 17, 1947


The nineteenth annual summer camp will be held on the shores of John Henry Lake in the Wallowas from August 3rd to 17th, 1947. The Wallowa mountain country is noted for its scenic beauty and because of the many lakes, mountains and rocky terrain, it is often referred to as “The Little Switzerland of America. Begin now to make your plans to be with us this summer. Put your John Henry on the sign-up sheet in Hendershotts for John Henry Lake.


From Eugene we travel over the McKenzie Pass to Redmond. Go north on Highway 97 to Biggs on the Columbia Highway. Then follow Highway 30 (the Columbia Highway) east to Pendleton and La Grande. From there northeast on Highway 82 through Elgin, Minam, Wallows to Lostine. Leave the main highway at this point and turn south, follow the Forest Service road up the Lostine River Canyon to Roy Schaeffers Lap-over Pack Camp. From Eugene to La Grande 402 miles, La Grande to Lostine 56 miles, to Schaeffers Camp 16 miles. A total mileage of 474 miles.

We start hiking from the 15 mile-post on the road, up the Bowman Creek Trail 6 miles to John Henry Lake. There is a climb of 2600 ft. to the saddle between Browny and Wilson Basins then drop 800 ft. to the lake.

John Henry Lake, which covers an area of about 10 acres and is at an elevation of 7000 ft., is located off the main Bowman Trail. Peaks in this region are not particularly difficult to ascend but are reached only after covering some fairly rugged terrain. Generally they rise only a few hundred feet above the rough, steep ridges at their bases. A trip to any one of them is well worth while and the scenery is outstanding. A few peaks are Flagstaff Point 8400 ft., Lookout Mt. 8800 ft., Sturgil Peak 9300 ft., Mazel Mt. 8200 ft., Minan Peak 8000 ft. Because of the rugged country surrounding them, the peaks offer better climbs than their elevations may suggest.

There are numerous lakes accessible from camp. All are stocked and afford excellent fishing at times. They are erratic in that one may fish for hours without a strike and then suddenly the fish begin to bite and the limit may be taken in a short time. Wood, Hobo, Bear, Chimney, Laverty, Steamboat, Long, Maxwell and Green Lakes may all be fished from camp. The North Minam Meadow affords excellent fishing at all times and can also be reached from camp.

This is new territory for our photographers so be sure and bring your camera with lots of film. Let’s get some good shots for the picture contest.

Cost of Outing

The cost of the two weeks outing for members is $40.00, non-members $45.00. One week for member $22.50; non-members $25.00.

This includes packing from the road to John Henry Lake and all meals in Camp. Transportation will be by privately owned cars and arranged for by the Committee. Each camper is responsible for his own transportation and other costs to and from the Wallowas. It is suggested that the drivers be paid $5.00 each way or $10.00 for the round trip.

Saddle horses will be available for those who desire them at $4.00 a day. Registration for same will close July 20th.


The Club furnishes some tents but it is suggested that members who have tents bring them and include them in their dunnage. Bring a sleeping bag. Nights are cold, so bring an extra blanket. Air mat-

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Ski Meet Success!

Oregon’s first Class “B” Men’s and Women’s Downhill and Slalom championships, March 16 at Hoodoo Bowl, Santiam Pass, is now past history, but all of the club members that were not present for the tournament will be pleased to know that the meet was a success in every respect and surely identifies the Obsidians as actively interested in the winter sports program, as well as the spring, summer and fall phases of outdoor activities. Sterling Behnke, as general chairman of the meet, did an excellent job of prior planning and one the spot execution that required a mighty good organizer. Doris Sims and Sterling Patterson did a fine job in selling the tickets. They and their committee, forsook almost all opportunity to witness the meet, spending nearly the entire day on the trail selling tickets, and they deserve cheers!

George Korn well deserves the sobriquet of “Little Beaver”, with his super-abundance of tireless energy. He arranged for the P.A system, which did much to put the tournament on a “big time” basis. Hjalmar Hvam spent the whole week end at Hoodoo Bowl, setting both the downhill and slalom, and assisting with running of the events. The courses he set really tested the skill of the racers. Hal Laman of the Portland Oregon Journal was on hand to cover the meet for his paper, and also did a fine job of timing and computing results. The Willamette National Forest Service cooperated fully. Their radio made timing and control of the downhill a pleasure. Ed Thurston and Art Boeschen assisted the committee in every possible way, and the club owes them a vote of appreciation.

Oh yes, the skiers! They came from all over the state: Blue Mountain Club of Baker, Klamath Falls contingent, both U. of O. and O.S.C. varsity skiers, large list of entries from Cascade Ski Club, Multnomah Amateur Athletic Club, and all clubs of the Cascade Council. The Obsidians were represented by Bryan Ryan, veteran Obsidian racer and lately of the U.S. Mountain Troops—he was our club’s only entry. An-

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