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Volume VIII Eugene, Oregon, July, 1947 No. 4

Summer Camp Site Has Been Scouted

Surprise! Your Chairman has just returned from a 4 day trip over to John Henry lake. This is what she reports:

“I went by bus and train, to Portland and over to La Grande and Lostine. I was met at Lostine by the packers daughter Annamay Schaefer. She took me up to their Pack Station. The road is a narrow, winding, dusty Forest Service road in fairly good condition and has only one steep place to climb. It goes up a beautiful canyon narrow and steepsided with a rushing mountain stream—the Lostine river.

Sunday she took me in on horse-back to John Henry Lake and what a trip it was! The trail crosses the River on a nice foot bridge then climbs up and up to Brownie Basin. It’s a well graded trail not too dusty and well shaded but it climbs. The scenery got more rugged and wild looking the higher we went. Brownie

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Skiers Honored at E.H.S.

Skiing has gained the rank of a recognized minor sport as evidenced by the “E” awards presented at the Eugene High annual award assembly. The recipients of the “E” were junior Obsidians Bill McCracken and Bruce Chase. Participation in and order of finish in recognized meets was the basis on which the Student Council made the awards. Honorable mention went to Blaine McGillicuddy, Ward Haynes, Joe Gardner, Jack Napper and Greg Smith—all Obsidians. The Berger Underdahl trophy was given its Eugene presentation to Ward Haynes at this time. Bob Lyon, sponsor of the High School ski team, presented the awards and spoke briefly on how skiing had been rebuilt as a Eugene High sport largely through participation in the activities of the Pack Rats, the Willamette Ski Patrol and Obsidians. Mention was made of the contributions by Bob Moffitt, Hank Wittwer, John Quiner and Tom Donahue—no longer in high school—in helping to promote Eugene High skiing to its present standard.

Newberry Crater—July 4

The always delightful thought of three days away from business gave the thirty-two members of the Obsidian party who took the “travelogue” to Newberry Crater, where East and Paulina lakes lie, a real week-end vacation.

It was thought that a good camp on the shores of East Lake could be found, like the Obsidian party of July 4, 1937 did, when they were the ONLY ones there. But how a short ten years have changed East Lake. Mike Stahl’s carload arrived there late on July 3, and camped among the throng reminding them of Coney Island.

The first cars on July 4 didn’t immediately find Mike, so drove around a bit and finally decided to go back to Paulina Lake where it was less populated. One good camp ground was found with tables and stoves, where part of the group camped, but as it was back from the lake shore a little, the rest of the party drove around to the eastern shore and camped next to the water without the luxuries of tables and stoves. Each group had its own campfire that night and met next morning at nine, less the four Stalsbergs, where the trail to Paulina Peak begins. Led by Ray Sims, the party hiked the three miles to the well kept lookout house at 7985 feet on Paulina Peak.

Mrs. Lawrence Maves of Eugene is spending her fourth season as lookout, and a more attractive and better kept lookout house surely doesnt’ exist. From the lookout there is a grand view, with the jewel like lakes of Paulina and East below, the lava flow from the South side of the

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Chase Places Second in Golden Rose Tournament

Bruce Chase, junior Obsidian and Eugene High letterman, captured second place in the invitational, Golden Rose, downhill, junior men’s event on June 15. Leading Bruce down the Mount Hood slope was another Hoodoo Bowl skier, Phil Gillis, younger brother of Olympic team skier Gene.

Last Minute Notes On Summer Camp

1. Don’t take your dunnage bags to Bailey Castelloe’s as we said in the Prospectus but keep them with you along with your sleeping bag. We are having a little difficulty in getting sufficient transportation for our equipment. Think we could take care of your tents if you bring them over. Second weekers had better bring their sleeping bags and dunnage bags over to Bailey’s to go in with the camp things as there will be no good way of getting them in at the beginning of the second week.

2. You will be served Sunday night supper, August 3rd and Monday morning breakfast the 4th at Lapover per arrangements made by your Committee. Better bring along a trail lunch for Monday. You might make it into Camp by lunch and again you might not.

3. To those leaving town Sunday morning there is an excellent place just 6 miles out of Lostine to spread your sleeping bags on the ground and spend Sunday night. Then drive the last 10 miles into Lapover for breakfast. This is suggested because the road from there on isn’t very good and you will enjoy the drive a lot better in daylight.

4. Here is our proposed Trip Schedule:

Monday—coming into Camp.

Tuesday—get acquainted trip around Wilson Basin.

Wednesday—Flagstaff Peak, 8600 fr. and Maxwell Lake.

Thursday—North Minam Meadows and Green Lake, 7100 ft.

Friday—Hazel Mt., 8500 ft. and Hazel Lake.

Saturday—Minam Peak, 8000 ft. and Long Lake, 6800 ft.

Sunday—rest (and you’ll need it).

Monday—Lookout Mt., 8800 ft. and Hobo Lake, 8300 ft.

Tuesday—Chimney Lake and Laverty Lakes.

Wednesday—Elkhorn Peak, 9200 ft. and Steamboat Lake.

Thursday—North Minam Meadows and Green Lake.

Friday—Sturgil Peak, 8900 ft.

Saturday—Homeward bound.

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