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SUMMER CAMP Mt. St. Helens & Spirit Lake

The Outing Committee has decided on the north side of Mt. St. Helens for this year's outing. The dates will be Aug.7 to 21.

This will be our first outing to St. Helens, and few of our members have climbed it because of the distance for a week end trip. However, it is popular with clubs in that area, the Mazamas having climbed it first in the 90's. It is known (along with Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams) as one of the "Three Guardian Peaks of the Columbia". There is usually some of the finest glissading to be had anywhere, on the north side of the mountain.

We will be camped close to Spirit Lake, a large beautiful mountain lake with timbered shores, only about three or four miles from the end of transportation, about 230 miles from Eugene. There are many smaller lakes and clear streams not far from camp, with plenty of places to fish, and lesser peaks to climb,and lots of interesting places to hike from camp,


To quote from a letter from Martha Darcy, for several years chairman of the Mazama outing committee: "This camp - is nicely situated for scads of trips -- Meta Lake just four miles away--the Lake Basin another eight - round trip to Mt. Margaret by way of Ice Lake - Cold Water Butte - exploration of the west side of St. Helens to the Floating Islands - trip to the Plains of Abraham, which is a dandy. Golly, there is so much to do that two weeks will not be long enough! For some of you hardy souls, why not a trail trip to Mt. Adams? This is really a swell trip - I took it last summer with a group of my campfire girls."

So this should make a wonderful -- and popular outing. The Locale is in the Columbia National Forest primitive area. We are getting further information from them, and the Mt. St. Helens Club.

Prospectus, and full details, with cost, etc., will be in the May Bulletin. Dave Faville has already written that he will be with us this year, and bring his wife and 16 year old son - need we say more?

Glen Sims
Myron Stahl
Raymond Sims
Louis Waldorf, Chairman


The Local Walks Committee is working on a series of very choice trips, beginning April third. If you are getting muscle bound for lack of exercise, better walk to work a few times in March, for when April comes, summer won't be far behind, with all the opportunities for revisiting old trails, or exploring new ones. Get those old, neglected hiking shoes out of the closet, give them a generous application of boot grease, and be all set for the 1949 hiking season!

Local Walks schedules will appear in the April issue of the Bulletin.


If you are a reader of the other Eugene newspaper (Register Guard) you will have read about the PNSA events which came off at the Willamette area, under the supervision of George Korn, Phil Edblom, and Bob Lyon. All reports indicate it was a wonderful show.

Last month schedules of ski events were published in the Obsidian. Please read these over carefully. In this issue - we are calling your attention again to some of these, and including some addi-

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