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Here they are, folks! Here is the first installment of another marvelous year of hiking over the unexcelled forest trails of Oregon. Again you will feel the soft fir needles under your feet; inhale fragrant odors of Salal and evergreens; meet new friends and renew acquaintance with old ones. Come along, bring your friends, and make this the best hiking season in history.

Your Local Walks committee is listing the trips for April, May, and June. Trips for summer and fall will appear in the Obsidian at a later date.

April 3. SPENCER BUTTE. Lloyd Helikson, Blanche Beckett, leaders. A good warm-up trip, not too difficult after the long winter staying at home.

April 10. COBURG MOUNTAINS. Ernie Ruberg, Katherine Thompson, leaders. This is one of the most attractive and unspoiled areas near Eugene.

April 17. EASTER. DILLARD ROAD. Thelma Watson, Dorothy Spencer, leaders. A short afternoon hike, in the wooded hills southeast of Eugene.

April 24, WENDLING AREA. Wayne Bailey, Horace Plumb, leaders. An abandoned logging railroad of Booth Kelly leads far back into the hills east of Wendling, through an old logged area.

May 1. SEAVY BUTTE. Frank Sipe, Louis Waldorf, leaders. An all day trip, in Coburg area, with lunch at spring behind butte. Good views of the valley, Fern Ridge Dam, etc.

May 8. SILVER CREEK FALLS. Dorr Hamlin, Myrtie Hamlin, leaders. This trip has become almost traditional with the Obsidians. The leisurely hike over the trails of this State Park, east of Salem, ending in a pot luck dinner, is an experience everyone wishes to repeat.

May 15. CLARK BUTTE. Bayard McConnaughey, William Schallek, leaders. This is in the Fall Creek Area, close to some of the sustained yield logging operations of the National Forest.

May 22. WARD BUTTE. Glen Sims, Paul Weiser, leaders. A few miles south of Cott-

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