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While the members of the Obsidian Club sit back in their easy chairs and have the "Clear Lake Cut-off Road" talked right down their throats, the wheels of fate grind on to its reality.

Some of the members, who have been skiing in the McKenzie Area since in the early '20's, before the Willamette or the South Santiam Highways were even built know that this "strait road to Eastern Oregon", is not that at all.

In the first place, the new "Clear Lake Cut-off" comes into the South Santiam Highway ELEVEN MILES FROM THE SUMMIT, which makes a winter driver travel over a-a- sand sinking road in places, and ELEVEN MILES of road that was closed for five weeks this past winter with THREE separate slides. This part of the highway, in its short ten years, has yet to see a winter when slides do not occur.

In the second place, it has been printed in a local paper, that NINETEEN MILES of new road will have to be built, at the cost of several millions of dollars, BUT the PRESENT McKenzie Highway could be modernized to not exceed SIX MILES at many millions of dollars less. These facts are common knowledge among the skiing public, as these statements were told to local representatives, by a member of the Highway Commission, before the war.

In the third place, a very vital thing to Obsidians, is that there will come a day, when the money that has been saved over these many years, will go for a new Lodge, or mountain Chalet, near Sims Butte, or Frog Camp, or Hand Lake, or some place near the THREE SISTER MOUNTAINS, but, will one highway, leading off from the present one, tend to stop maintenance on the present one? Would it not be a civic shame to see our good highway, near the beautiful snow covered mountains be forgotten?

--Ray Sims


The balmy spring weather of April has brought out not only a luxuriant growth of Trilliums and Poison Oak - it has also encouraged a renewed burst of activity among Obsidians. We hope this tempo increases through May and June, when the mountains should be really swarming with these "mountain folks". Here are brief accounts of some outdoor activities for April.


All trips scheduled for April were well attended. On April 3, a mass of Obsidians and friends, about 35 in all, led by Helikson and Beckett, swarmed up the south slope of Spencer's Butte, saw perfect views of the snow peaks of the Cascades, returned to Eugene and enjoyed a real dinner as guests of Blanche. On April 10, Ernie Ruberg guided a group of 16 into the Coburg mountains, the group eating lunch atop Old Baldy, and enjoying wonderful views of the Willamette Valley. On April 17, which was Easter Sunday, Thelma Watson was leader of a group of 8 hikers, who spent part of the afternoon exploring the expanding southern limits of our city. On the 24, Wayne Bailey and Horace Plumb piloted a group of 18 persons far up an old logging road, east of Wendling, into the old logging area of Booth-Kelly.


Ski trips for April 3 and 17 were not held. On April 24, a very interesting ski trip with 8 persons, was made in to Waldo Lake, from. the Willamette Highway, by way of Gold Lake. It was a perfect day, snow about 10 feet deep, Waldo Lake frozen over.

On April 10 the bus trip to Crater Lake, led by Doris Sims and Olivia Watt.

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