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The club furnishes some tents but it is suggested that members who have tents bring them and include them in their dunnage. Bring a sleeping bag. Nights are cold, so bring an extra blanket. Air mattresses add much comfort, but are not absolutely necessary.

The following are indispensable:

1. A good bed.

2. Heavy hiking shoes, not necessarily high but preferably hobbed.

3. Heavy wool socks.

4. Colored glasses.

5. Suitable hiking clothes.

6. Small first aid kit.

7. Sunburn prevention.

8. Small knapsack or pack.

9. Drinking cup or canteen.

10. Flashlight.

11. Swim suit.

Reduce personal belongings to a minimum. The club will furnish dishes, cooking utensils, a cook to prepare meals, first aid equipment, lanterns in camp, and such climbing equipment as ropes and ice axes.


Baggage must be securely tied in rolls or in dunnage bags. It must be labeled and tied well for the pack trip into camp. Allowed weights are as follows:

With Without
Tent Tents
2 Weekers..............40 lbs. 35 lbs.
1 Weekers..............35 lbs. 30 lbs.

Excess weights will be charged for at 10¢ per pound.

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Have you ever been in an Obsidian Summer Camp? Well this year is the time to enjoy one. The two weeks between August 7th and 21st at Spirit Lake at the foot of Mt. St. Helens is the time and place.

Have you ever camped near the shores of a big lake? This year's camp will be situated near enough to have all the boating and swimming that campers like. And trips to nearby Look-Out peaks or to cold mountain lakes will condition the best of us for that very formidable climb of St. Helens.

Flowers in nearby mountain meadows for the colored picture fans and "Alpin Glo" on the big white mountain into the mirror of Spirit Lake will be pictures to bring back home.

Our camp will be at an elevation of only 3100 feet, so that may account for the fact that there are no mosquitoes at Spirit Lake -- and Obsidians--won't that be a good reason for going to camp?

FOOD - that is, and always has been one of the hi-lights of Obsidian Camps. Good food --- and in that mountain air --- one obtains the urge to eat good food. With Edna Temple as cook and good helpers,this promises to be a camp to remember.

Definite word has been received by the committee that our two good California families, the Favilles and the Graves are coming, and that is ALWAYS GOOD NEWS.

Louis Waldorf, Glen Sims and Mike Stahl made a scouting trip to Spirit Lake early

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