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Bob Pfeiffer, Chairman of the Obsidian Ski Committee, has announced the following Ski Tours scheduled for the winter season: (The imminent publication of the Bulletin required some quick work on the part of the Ski Committee --- and so the tentative positions of the leaders herein printed may be subject to change)

Jan. 29 - WHITE BRANCH SKI AREA Louis Waldorf.......Leader

Feb. 19 - WALDO LAKE - One Day Trip Ray & Doris Sims......Ldrs

Mar. 19 - CRATER LAKE - One Day Bus Trip The Castelloes........Ldrs

Apr. 2 - JACK BUTTE Ray Cavagnaro.......Leader

Apr. 16 - SANTIAM TO MCKENZIE Don Nacker & Bob Pfeiffer..........Ldrs

May 6 & & SUNSHINE SHELTER --- Overnight Trip - Supplies to be dropped by Plane if desired. Leo Paschelke.......Leader

May 28 - MT. HOOD Harold Trotter ......Leader


Trite as it may sound, there's no time like the New Year to take stock of our present assets and resolve to make them even bigger and better in the last half of the century.

Our Obsidian Club is a heritage to us of an organization which was created to further the love of nature among our townsfolk and to teach woodcraft and mountain climbing to all who were interested. For more than 20 years our club has been actively and vitally interested in the beauties of our state and in instilling this interest and love in the young folks as they grow up.

The first hikes of the season are almost always the easy local ones. Then,

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The present Board of Directors, after discussing the competitive angle of skiing at many monthly Board Meetings with the Ski Chairmen of the past 3 years, Bob Lyon, George Korn, and our present Chairman, Bob Pfeiffer, came up with a final decision, which we sincerely believe will be for the best interests of the club.

The club at present has a membership of approximately only 150 paid up members. Therefore, financially it has been impossible to carry out a successful competitive ski program in an area such as Eugene embraces. However, under such fine leadership as Bob Lyon, Paul Lafferty and George Korn the past 3 years the Obsidian Club has been able to offer a program to those skiers who were interested in skiing competitively, although each year the Board was aware that financially it was not a success.

The following motion was made effective December 12, 1949: Motion: That the Obsidians, Inc. decline to take an active part in competitive skiing. They recommend that a separate ski club be formed in Eugene; that the Ski Committee continue to promote tours, etc., and to carry out all other aspects under Section 4, Article VI, as far as financially able.

It was a difficult decision for the Board to make, knowing we had sent our Ski Chairman earlier in the year to the PNSA meeting with the authority to schedule meets under our sponsorship.

The four meets scheduled have therefore been cancelled, and a letter to the Secretary of the PNSA, Baker Ferguson, has been delivered stating the action of the Board relative to our ski program.

The club, however, is still paying classification fees for its members who apply, and Obsidian skiers desiring to enter meets in the name of the club will be given an opportunity to do so and will receive financial support with the discretion of the board.

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