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by Ray Sims

The Three Sister mountains with their snow white glaciers and the many beautiful meadows with their never-ending fields of colorful flowers has been the "home of the Obsidian Club" for the past 23 years.

In 1892 the first notebook was left in a tin can at the top of Middle Sister by John Straub's party and a member of that party was Darwin Yoran. They hiked over trails from McKenzie Bridge.

On August 26th, 1928, two weeks after the Club's first summer outing at Obsidian Camp, the leaders of the Club took 73 townspeople on a sight-seeing "tour of Collier Glacier". At that time Collier Glacier was "big" and it was a rare sight that these people saw at the first "Chief's Initiation" at the foot of the Glacier, only to climb upon the ice and traverse the entire length to the great depth of ice coming off the Middle Sister.

Out in the center of the Glacier, Marion McClain gathered the large group

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Summer Camp Notes

ALL dunnage will be taken on the bus. Therefore, sleeping bags, tents and dunnage of any kind must be left at Glen Sims', 741 East 14th (in alley) by Saturday afternoon, August 5th.

The bus will be loaded at 7 P.M. August 5th. Label all bags. The bus will be at the East Park block - by the Court House - at 6:30 A.M., Sunday August 6th, ready to go.

The route is over the McKenzie to Bend, Burns, Vale, Nyssa, Caldwell and Boise.

Arriving at Boise at seven Sunday evening, the night will be spent in motel cabins. The Club will reserve the

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